Introducing the 12-Week Fierce Gentleness™ Activation: 

A 1/3 Immersive + 2/3 Expressive Experience!

what you get

  • 1 Pre-Start Session, so that we can set up your refuge, onboard you to the online aspect of the program, schedule your 1:1 sessions, identify your menstrual phase (menstruating or menopausal), and curate your Activation Kit* to make sure that every element of the kit is tailored to your specific journey. *Activation Kit items included in cost of program and delivered to each client's residence. 
  • 16 Recorded Learning sessions during the 30-Day Immersion dedicated to wielding feminine-energy power, so that you can practice and apply the concepts in real time. 
  • 4 Weekly Group Coaching sessions during the 30-Day Immersion, so that you can learn, celebrate, and grow with the collective.
  • 4 1:1 Coaching Sessions during the 30-Day Immersion and the VIP option to continue 1:1 Sessions for both of the months within the Container of this Journey, so that you are supported through challenges and are made aware of unconscious blind spots that separate you from your progress.
  • Bonus: Collective-Informed 1-2x Weekly Yoga Classes, so that you can integrate and ground your process and breakthroughs in to the body. 
  • 1-9 Daily Fierce Gentleness™ Engagement Actions to encourage the habit of Fierce Gentleness™ during the 30-Day Immersion, to increase the chances of taking these actions during the Practicum, and beyond. 
  • 1 Completion/Eulogy/Convocation Session to confirm the breakthroughs and learnings of the Immersion as you shift in to the Practicum Phase.
  •  4 Monthly Group Accountability sessions during the Practicum portion of the Container, so that you can claim the wins and reorient around the deeper learning experiences within the safety of Community.
  • 1 Commencement Session to: celebrate the three-month process, confirm the fruition of your Pre-Start Session Goals, and honor your path in Wholeness, fully in alignment and connected to the Feminine-Energy Power Grid.