Get Your Worthiness Flowing to Up-Level Your Life. 

...sounds wild right?

How can Christine Marie and Sparrow Holistic Clients, all former sufferers of extreme/diagnosed menstrual imbalances, point to worthiness as the reason for the end of their suffering and then say that in achieving Menstrual Alignment all aspects of their lives improved? Holistically nurturing Fierce Gentleness™ from within to treat menstrual imbalance means an intervention on the Whole Being. This is why the shift not only requires that you release the menstrual burden, but the only way to do that is by replacing the burden with worthiness. That's how we magnetize the money, relationship, career, clients, body, vacations, life you want to live--you get into alignment and that wholeness is just so magnetically irresistible.

How can we offer so much from in just 12-Weeks? We work from the blueprint unique to you: Your Menstrual Cycle. 


Why Fierce Gentleness?

Thought Experiment: 

  • your debt-free dream vacation, beach bod, love of your life (these are your wants) are in a plane. 
  • your "wants" plane is trying to land at the airport (you), but the airport is shrouded in fog (unworthiness as demonstrated in the body with menstrual pain). 
  • your plane circles, waiting for the fog to clear.

What will clear the fog you ask?

Fierce Gentleness™!

Let's clear the fog, so you can land the partner, service mission, luxury vacation, increased income, stable family life, inner peace and pain-free living that you so dearly deserve. 

This course builds your "Pedestal of Fierce Gentleness", which relies on the practice and mastery of three "legs":


Are you overriding yourself because everyone else's needs matter more than yours?

Do you find yourself rehearsing what you "will say next time" after being disrespected? 


In the Activation, we use these moments, where we put others ahead of ourselves, to see future opportunities to find stillness and grounding in our worthiness.

We can't treat what we don't meet. 


...then we take those Awarenesses and we decide what we will no longer tolerate.  

 Our health, state of mind, emotions, and destiny, are reacting to the worthiness/unworthiness we experience on a daily basis. No more painful menstruation and PMS means setting effective boundaries. 

We live our way into being our boundaries rather than trying to convince others to respect us--we are the change.


...then, living with these Boundaries, we show up to life in our Wholeness.

To do that we practice Faith. Faith in ourselves, in others, and in the generous universe, to become emboldened enough to "risk" showing up with the same level of entitlement, to our dreams, that every White male believes is his sacred right. 

Faith is the aspect of Fierce Gentleness that penetrates to the unconscious, which is the force that creates your reality. 

Sparrow Holistic Fierce Gentleness Activation

About Christine Marie

It is with great joy and excitement that I get to offer this experience to you. It exists because I, like you, suffered from intense, stop-everything-in-my life menstrual pain and terrifying PMS for 10 days of every month. This looked like tons of OBGYN visits, birth control, overuse of NSAIDs, emotional instability and volatility, surgeries, endometriosis diagnosis, a ton of supplements, healings, and none of it ended the imbalance (physical, mental, emotional pain).  This immersive + practical process starts with releasing the burden that  I lived with for over 20 years and that you may be coping with now, and ends with thriving in all 8 Spokes of your Wheel of Life. You see, "nature abhors a vacuum", so just removing the pain, did not guarantee its end, instead we had to reorient our lives to consistently live in the energy of Fierce Gentleness™ to keep the suffering "gone". 

 The life you want wants you, so let's "clear the fog" and help it land. 

Wishing you joy, ease, space, and grace, 

  Christine Marie

Enrollment to the Live Fierce Gentleness Activation ends on September 30th. 

...but not quite ready? No worries, we can add you to our Waiting List, click the button below to fill out the application and write Waiting List beside your name.