In Balance we thrive: massive shift through incremental change

More time.  More Money. Living My Purpose. Loving my Body, my Self, my Life.

At Sparrow Holistic, Christine-Marie engages Menstrual Magic and Feminine-Energy Power Awareness to serve as the foundation for transformational Programs, powerful Speaking Experiences, and Workshops all oriented toward removing the chasm between you and more time, more money, and a thriving, fun, worry-free life.  



As a lifelong tutor who has always taken an holistic approach to helping others co-create their victories, even I did a "double take" when I realized how powerfully impactful menstrual alignment (for people who menstruate) and Feminine-Energy Power utilization (for all beings) can be. Solution is within us. 

I mean...the words "guru" and "magical life ninja" come to mind when I think of the level of impact that Christine-Marie's work had on my life. All of my problems were solved in a weekend and I haven't ever needed help since working with her over a decade ago!

said no one who has ever experienced sustainable change

I just wanted to see if you were still reading! I hope you are laughing too...

start where you are...

You might find the possibility of pain-free periods and PMS-free periods to be ridiculous notions and reading this sentence just makes you angry...Conversely, you may not be a person who menstruates, but you want access to the magic that those of us who menstruate have.

There is a way to pain-free and PMS-free periods. There is a way to creating a life with more time, more money, ebullient with purpose. We partner with you at Sparrow Holistic to find that way--it's easier than you think. Here are ways to get started. 

From Surviving --> Guilt-Free Thriving: Your Turn. 

This package consists of three parts: This 12-Week package includes priming for change, growing awareness, effecting change, and concludes with the emboldened embrace of your journey and unique life's purpose. 

Clarity Call

...because a true High Five can't happen alone! This 1-hour Power Session delves deeply in to exactly what, why, and how you can get your needs met. This super-charged session with Christine-Marie takes you through the beginning, middle, and end of a transformation.

Speaking Engagements + Workshops

Do you love how it feels to hear and see a speaker who not only lights up with the topic, but lights you up as well? It's quite the experience and the thrill. Christine Marie's Speaking Engagements and Workshops are holistically driven. You will laugh, you might cry, and will move, feel, create, tap in to the "you" who is so ready to surface. 

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About Christine-Marie

Christine-Marie has been working in the 1:1 context for over two decades and has used that time to fine tune the most powerful tool when it comes to personal development: Listening. As an ICF Professional, honoring the Client as the Expert in their life and integrating this truth has opened up a world of curiosity and inquiry for Christine-Marie's practice: Sparrow Holistic. 

In fact, it was curiosity and testing that brought CM to playing with and then relying on the power of unlocking our Menstrual Magic (for those who menstruate) and co-creating lives we want with more money, more time, and purposeful living through living our way in to balance by utilizing Feminine-Energy Power (in concert with Masculine-Energy Power).

Emboldened. Empowered. Respected. Wealthy. Healthy. Graceful. Wonderful. Amazing. Able to receive information from sources including the world, their bodies, and each other. These are Sparrow Holistic Clients. Join Christine-Marie, Join Us.

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