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Holistic Life Coaching 

Holistic Life Coaching is exactly as it sounds. As an ICF Professional, Christine Marie relies on the 8 Core Competencies as outlined by ICF to safely and gently guide you toward sustainable change.

Can you imagine that you actually have the answers to the biggest questions (or even to the questions that lie buried so deeply that you dare not ask) in your consciousness right now?

That is the beauty of the Life Coaching process: you will live your way in to the answers and you will trust the solutions that we generate because you can trust the source of the solutions: you! 

As a result of two decades of experience, Christine is an expert Breakthrough Coach and has partnered with clients to overcome all kinds of obstacles: life, academic, relationship, self-sabotage, purpose-finding.

Christine Marie's 10,000+ hours of "in the field" experience in the 1:1 framework, her fluency in the language of the body, mind, emotion, and spirit, as well as her intuitive awareness (channeling), create an unparalleled Coaching experience.

We dive deeper, we reveal more, and we allow and empower your most honest self to speak up. 

This is how we move past surviving to guilt-free thriving. It is your turn. 

I know that my life needs to change, but I have no idea where to even begin?

Schedule a 90 minute clarity call with Christine Marie to find out where your beginning with your journey to guilt-free thriving might lie. We might begin with a targeted aim such as finances, weight-loss, relationships, family planning, career change, career development, but our work is holistic, so affecting one facet of your life will affect everything else. For example, You might solve your weight situation through aligning your body with your menstrual phases (physical effect from mental intervention). 

I have a pressing issue that needs a solution immediately. Can I schedule a session today?

We do have a 24-hour scheduling buffer, but please do not hesitate to email, to request a day-of appointment. If we can accommodate you, we will.