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This 12-Month Fierce Gentleness™ Sisterhood Collective is a precious process that unearths the habits and behaviors that no longer serve and empowers and amplifies the habits and behaviors that draw the life you deserve to you. It's hard to believe that freedom from menstrual pain (body) and PMS (mind/emotion) can happen without medical intervention, but that's how this works: no supplements, no surgeries, no special diets, no exercise regimen, just Menstrual Alignment through Fierce Gentleness™ to treat the entire Holistic Being: an holistic solution for an holistic imbalance.  

While it is very much a mission that engages the sacred space between you and you, the experience includes a partnership between you and me (as your guide and facilitator), as well as a commitment to the collective of participants. Out of respect for the collective, our work, and your bloom, we take some time to get to know each other. Here is the process:

  • Fill out the application (on the left). 
  • Schedule your 10-Minute Coffee/Tea Chat as prompted after the application.
  • If we are both feeling good about moving forward ie. you feel that our work together will enable the communion of you with the relationship, income, body, family life, fulfillment, guilt-free thriving, that you're ready to enjoy, and I feel that our work in the Collective will serve you, we will set our next steps together. 

Here’s what people are saying about your Guide, Christine Marie:

Christine Marie's expertise lies in co-creating massive shift through incremental change in her life and in the lives of her clients. Here is what some of them have to say:

Amandine A.

Tea Alchemist and Animal Rights Advocate

"I took part in Christine Marie's 7-Day Audacious Dare to prepare for the 12-Week Worthiness Container. I set a goal to open myself up to the possibility of feeling and doing things differently. Christine Marie is an incredible, authentic soul, and mentor/coach. In the 7-Day Audacious Dare, I felt incredibly held, supported, yet challenged--challenged to be, feel, do, differently. If you've been thinking about working or creating with Christine Marie, it is time. Her "client experience" is outstanding and unmatched!"

Susan L.

Graphic Designer

"I knew what I wanted before we started, but I had no idea how much energy I put towards keeping myself from receiving. My life has changed in more ways than I can count as a result of working with Christine Marie..."

Mandy C.

Project Manager

"I am a very results-oriented thinker and creator, and Christine Marie's pragmatism mixed with unrelenting willingness to hold space for me to be vulnerable--new to me, helped me make changes in my life that showed up as increased revenue and a deepened relationship with my partner." 

Frequently Asked Questions

1st Question:

  I literally don't have enough time to do more than 15 minutes/day. You said that time-abundance is a promise of the program, but how do I create that, if I don't have time to actually do your program?


  yes, time abundance is a promise of the Sisterhood Collective. A situation where you are running your life instead of your life running you is  is something that willl seem completely new to you. So don't think about how you can make that happen. During the program, you will curate an environment that accommodates more time over the course of the one-year experience.

  An experiment: think of "time" as a giant granite rock that is immovable. Now imagine that, through the Collective, we take a big hammer to that granite rock. And when it strikes, the impact sends splinters around and through the rock and turns the rocky mass into a giant pile of little pebbles. Now in its "pebble state"  it's easier to start to shape and shift and manipulate, so that now you see how to keep the mass itself, but can make it into something that works with you instead of against you.

2nd Question: 

   You said that the program is limited to 5 participants. What do I do if I can't afford it right now?


  Well, the first option is that you can try daring the universe to give you the funds you need! You would be surprised by how responsive the universe can be when we are in alignment with our co-created intentions!

  Another option is to consider whether or not it's true that you can't afford the container. Paradox: I struggle with worthiness, so I am attracted to a program that helps me endow worthiness, but I don't think I am worthy of the investment. It's a Catch-22...I struggle with worthiness and painful menstruation and PMS, but I don't think  a solution exists for me. Does this ring true for you? We do have payment plans!

  The final option: you really can't afford it. We have an amazing VIP Day, during which we dedicate six hours completely to you and create a multi-faceted reorientation of your life for Menstrual Alignment. Only the VIP Day and the Collective include access to our Period Course, which is a major factor in the release of menstrual pain and PMS--the rest of the work in the VIP Day makes sure that the shift out of pain never shifts "back" into pain. .

3rd Question:

  My partner/spouse/siblings/parents don't agree with the process that you're offering. And they said that I should go to the doctor if I want to fix my period. But the doctor will prescribe Birth Control, which I do not want. Will your program really result in an end to the symptoms of my Menstrual Imbalance (PCOS, Endometriosis, PMDD, Fibroids) and my PMS mood swings?  


  If you know anything about my life, you know that I've been a lifelong tutor, a lifelong 1:1  breakthrough facilitator. I work pragmatically. I experiment and experiment and then when I see what's working and what results I'm getting, I publish them and treat more people with the proven process. This activation is no different. I am not a Medical Doctor, and I would never attest to be one. I just happen to get results that doctors do not get because I work holistically. 

4th Question: 

  How can your single program deliver so much when other Coaches develop an entire niche to themes like money, weight loss, more time, love? It sounds too good to be true.


  I'm only voicing the results that come as a result of living in Fierce Gentleness™. Here are two case studies: 

The Entrepreneur: She manifests worthiness and becomes more protective of her time and attention. So her time becomes more valuable. As a result, she earns more money because her rates increase because she also realizes the value of her work (worthiness).  She loses weight because she stops eating to suppress feelings and eats for enjoyable nourishment.

 The Employee: From a place of endowed worthiness, she renegotiates her compensation at quarterly and yearly reviews and asserts herself in the workplace. 

Both women: Value themselves and thus attract partners who value themselves as well. Both enjoy relationships between two whole people, rather than two people attempting to complete themselves with their partners. This is the difference that worthiness makes and why its effects and benefits are far reaching and hit every spoke of the "wheel of life". This is why I can boast such results. 

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