December 3, 2022

I received a comment that ending menstrual pain and suffering is all well and good, but what is it to embody menstrual magic? The comment particularly asserted that I should embody the results of the shift, of the ended pain. I love this! Let’s talk about that today. Let’s talk about what exists for menstruators on the other side of healing!

Hi everybody, Christine Marie here. And today I wanted to talk about what it's like.
commentary on tick tock. They said, You talk about ending pain. But why don't you embody it? And I think it's a really good point because
I focus too much on ending the pain and maybe
many of us administrators who have lived with two decades, in three decades of menstrual pain every month, are just used to it. So maybe ending the pain isn't enough. So what does the embodiment of menstrual magic look like? What is on the other side of the healing?
Well, I can speak to that firsthand. For some reason, I am almost moved to tears.
I have moved to tears.
Because because I'm on the other side. This wasn't available to me.
It wasn't available to me when I was 17.
when I had to have surgery to lose
one of my two ovaries.
They couldn't see that there was a problem because there were so many other problems in my uterus,
that they couldn't catch the problem.
It showed up too late.
Because my womb had so much going on.
And so now I have one ovary.
And saying, I'm in a lot of pain. That wasn't enough for the OBGYN and it's not because OBGYN want to hurt adminstrators it's because
pain in the womb is normalized now.
But it turns out that if we
did not tolerate
the toleration of pain, if we as humans, just humans said, Hey,
this group of people is always complaining about pain. They shouldn't be in pain. It doesn't make sense that so many people should be in pain. That's not normal, that so many people that a majority are suffering from pain. We should do something about that. That didn't exist yet.
I mean, we come from a history where our uterus, the word hysteria, hysterectomy, hysterical, she's being hysterical. That's the same thing as people who are being toxically who are committing to Acts, words, phrases, acts of toxic masculinity, when they say, Oh, you must be on the rag.
We're not hysterical people, but our womb, does speak to us. And when it is out of whack, when it is not imbalance, it communicates through pain.
I did that. And I had I had that sense. I had pain since 15 When I started menstruating.
And so to talk about what the embodiment of living and menstrual magic is to talk about with the embodiment of
no longer experiencing pain.
While I am that, I'm living that. I think that because I talk all day about how amazing our menstruation is and how when we live in menstrual alignment, we are immune to burnout, we are contributing we are innovating and creating we are showing up in 100% wholeness, we are living with boundaries, we are respecting ourselves and in turn modeling that for others so that they can model it for others.
And to me those are all ways that we embody menstrual magic.
that's what I live. That's how I live.
So for me, not being in pain is actually enough, but staying out of pain.
That is why
It requires that I thrive.
My womb
has taken it upon itself. And I say this to all administrators who are suffering when your womb is flailing about, and what that looks like is perhaps PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, PMDD, pain, nausea,
peak, just regular PMS, all of that, that's your womb saying something's wrong. And it's also your womb saying, I'm not going to give up on you. I'm going to keep screaming, you might try to quiet me with birth control. But I'm going to wriggle out of it. Because I'm telling you, you're not living in alignment with all that you are meant to be and impact. And I'm going to scream as loud as I can, every time I get the mic, and that microphone gets to the womb, once a month.
When you start heating it, it stops screaming.
And when you start changing your life,
that's how it knows that you're listening to it.
How to know how to change your life?
Well, that's what I do.
And I'm happy to say I don't work with supplements, I don't work with hormone therapy, I don't work with medication, I don't work with special exercises. I don't work with special diet.
Because what I do is I put you in a living cast, a living cast. That creates an encouraging environment. And while your womb is being nourished in that encouraging environment, it naturally asks for lack of a craving for this food, or I really need to work out, I'm really I need to do peloton today.
Or, you know,
I just realized that that person makes me tired, their energy makes me tired. Oh, I'm in the wrong face to deal with people like that. i There's a face for it. But it's not this one. Good to know, I will not do that again.
And it's just this continual nourishment, and in your continual nourishment, just like anything else. If I have a plant that's dying, and I nourish it, it comes back to life. And it's happy and shining and its leaves are filled and, and it's able to better do what it does. If I nourish and I'm loving to a friend who maybe I didn't like before, and I just want to try and see what it's like to just be nice to this person who I thought I didn't like then something changes.
Anything that we nourish grows, anything positive that we nourish, grows positively. Anything that we nourish, that's negative, still grows, it still grows.
And that's why we find that as we get older,
our pain gets more severe and our PMS gets more severe.
It's not because we're doing something wrong.
It's because we're nourishing something in the wrong way. Our priorities are mismatched with our body's priorities. And our womb is in us to serve as a blueprint for our greatness for our impact. And so, what happens is that when we surrender
when one surrenders, they join the winning team. When we surrender, and we say uncle, Uncle, I've had enough, no more pain, I'll do anything to not be in pain.
What your wound is going to ask of you is
to be here, most whole self
that's what your room wants from you.
Your uncompromisingly beautiful self
the embodiment of living in menstrual magic. And that's your insurance
against monthly pain
against compromised being.
Hope that answers the question.
Wishing you joy is space and grace. Oh, and by the way, it looks like I wear the same thing every day. I actually don't it's just that this is a really thick wool sweater. And this is a
wool scarf. And even though the heat's on, I'm freezing.
Although I have to say, this time last year, I was in the Canary Islands in a warm place. And
I actually like bundling up I don't mind but yeah, so I do have a different outfit underneath this. But you'll never know but just so you know, I don't wear the same thing every day. Okay, bye

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