Where your attention goes your energy flows. We've heard that a million times it's, it's a, it's a, it's a, it's a great adage, it's great, because it's true. It, it just makes a lot of sense where your attention goes, energy flows. And so that is exactly why falling in love with you is so extremely valuable. I've created it a challenge for my business because I could niche down and say, make more money, find love, lose weight, find your purpose. But to focus on one thing would be to actually do a disservice to who we are as feminine energy biased beings. Because that works. That language works really well for allies, because they are physiologically set up to show up that way. compartmentalised. We feminine energy bias beings, we show up in wholeness, or at least that's how, how we were intended to show up. Many of us compromise how we show up in an effort to fit in with the majority, even though they're not, they're not the majority on the planet. But to fit in with the allies, we compartmentalize and in, in showing up in a way that is not in alignment with us, literally, we must be in compromise. It's just a fact. And we have these amazing bodies, these amazing vessels that include failsafe they include indicators, warning lights, to let us know when we are not serving our purpose on this planet, our impact or ourselves, which in turn enables us to serve our purpose and our impact. And that warning light for many of us is this is the womb is the womb. And it warns us by finding the time when we are most sensitive to pain, which is when we are having our menstrual shedding and priestess phase and, and broadcasting to us the help that it needs. And so the difference between what I do in shifting administrators who are in suffering out of suffering and into thriving the distinction between what I do versus what a functional health coach does, versus what an OBGYN does, because we all I would hope I would sincerely hope that OB GYN have the vested interest in in preserving our womb. I say hope because oftentimes they most of the clients that I end up working with have been told by the OBGYN that birth control is all that they can offer. Because there is no solution to the womb, even though there is so that's why I say I hope that that I share this connection with OBGYN is that we wish to preserve the womb. But I can understand that they're there hogtied. They're they're hamstrung. They have to they can't. They don't have access to the tools that I have access to. Because their discipline restricts them from those. So that's why we use the tools that we have as human beings, we have a womb that says this doesn't work for me finding another way, and we should find another way. And what happens is that when we do this work, that doesn't say get rich, quick, meet the love of your life, lose weight, get the right job, get the promotion, find your passion. I don't guarantee you any of that. Instead I give you something so much more power Apple, that is the that is the packed ice, that in summer melts to flow into the river, where attention goes energy flows. Imagine that. If you just fall in love with you, then that packed ice that has particles of money and love and career and purpose and family and wellness that has all of that, where attention goes energy flows, you shine the light, you look at that, through the light of falling in love with you. And that pact, ice melts and flows and streams out of you. And you are in 100% wholeness, showing up in alignment with who you are. But most people don't want to know about that. They want just just tell me how to how to make the money, just tell me how to find love. But you can follow the directions. You can follow the directions. I remember when I was dating and I was using the rules to date, oh my gosh, talk about a machine for engagements, you can get an engagement. If you follow the rules, you can definitely get engaged, will you want to marry that person is an entirely different story. And that is the thing that's missing when we're only going for the outcome. Unless the outcome is are you interested in falling deeply in love with you. Because when you do that, that careful attention, that thoughtful consideration. It warms the ice. And so instead of a trickle of, oh, now I'm making more money. And now I'm going to work on relationship. But when I work on relationship, now it's conflicting with my money, ah, but instead of you just come at it with, I wonder what it's like to be in love with me. You notice the nuance, the subtlety of oh, this is affecting my money, and over here is affecting my relationships, but they're connected. When you're in this place of you in love with you. You are micro scopic Lee, and macroscopically able to be with yourself and to notice what you actually want. And a lovely metaphor that I use is the metaphor of my nephew, my beautiful nephew, who his parents happened upon a funny phrase that has nothing the phrase has nothing to do with the action. But they noticed that it triggered immense joy in him to say a certain phrase. So when you say this phrase, he erupts into giggles in a way that no video game, no video, no movie, no food could compel from him. The response is just so blissfully joyful. And the reason they could find that moment is not because they were gotta get here, gotta get here, oh, if I do this, this, this, they don't have this. They are in love with him. They are deeply in love with him. And so they are there to be present with him to find out what will reveal about what he likes so that they can be of greatest service to his journey. While he continues to be independent of theirs until he matures and starts his own journey and asserts himself, they are going to notice for him until he can. And that's exactly what it's like to be in love with your womb. No, to be in love with you. When you're in love with you. You're willing to give yourself the space to be noticed and observed. And what happens is we speak the language we fall in love with you through the womb. So we speak the language of the womb and we use the perspective of the womb and reorient our lives. From the perspective of, of accommodating our wholeness, our holistic being physiological needs on in the way that we need it. And as we live more and more from that place which can only we'll only have the patience to do that if we're in love with us. As we're living more and more in that place, we're discovering more and more nuance. Because the same way that I'm sitting like this. And then I'm sitting like this, what we need to be accommodated to be comfortable is going to change. And that's why we go deeply intensely. Some of my programs go for an entire year, so that you can get used to noticing. And you have the partnership of somebody else who is used to noticing, and who has the trained eye, so that you can live your way into that level of sensitivity. And when you are living from that reset, you can't regress, you can try to distract yourself. But you'll always, as they say, in the rooms. After you've gone to one meeting and recovery. Let's take the example of Alcoholics Anonymous, once you go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, they say after going to one meeting, now when you go to the bar, you might have a belly full of booze, but you've got a handful of A and the two conflict, and one will win because you'll have to drown out the noise of the other. But ultimately, as a result of that, just beginning of having that conflict, then you'll fight but the more you fight, the more if you're an alcoholic, the more you'll need a and the more you need a the more you'll want it. And then you are on your path or your journey. I mean, that's an example of a but to, to parallel that what happens is that instead of shaming your womb and saying, Ah, my body's letting me down again, I'm tired again, Oh, I hate being a woman. Instead of doing all of that, which is so dearly. So so so unkind. Instead, you listen, and you notice what it needs, and you give it what it needs. And then and then you start, it starts to open up to you and tell you more of what it needs. And then you give it more and then you start to thrive. And then you're cooking with gas and you just don't ever want to live outside of that. And because you're doing that it asserts more things. Hey, are you impacting? Are you doing? Are you living in loving the way that you meant to come to this planet to do? Are you giving the love that is uniquely your brand, your style to your darlings, to your little darlings, your furry kids, your your your human kids, your partner, your colleagues, impact doesn't just mean my purpose, how one impacts is how they live, especially if they be a feminine energy by us being. So yeah, I mean, I can say, Yeah, more money, more that love and all of that stuff, I can say that and you'll get that. But the key is you falling in love with you. And then nothing's gonna get in the way of your mission and of your impact, and how that pervades all spokes of your wheel of life. So I'll stop there, because I've gone on entirely too long. But I go on so long, because I'm in love with this mission. I'm in love with the opportunity to help other administrators fall in love with themselves in love enough that they're willing to shift themselves out of suffering and into thriving. So that one day, we say, Hey, I have cramps, and somebody says somebody says, Oh, are you resting enough? Oh, let's look at your last 28 days. Let's look at what happened. Maybe there's something you need to process that you're ignoring right now. We jump on it. We jump on the problem so that we can solve it because we have the expectation that we are meant to thrive and magical menstruation not to suffer. The burden of menstruation. Not Oh yeah, it happens sometimes. No. Let's fix it. That's there for us. 

And that's why I show up wishing you joy ease, space and grace.

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Christine Marie Quigless is a Menstrual Suffering Finisher and Transformational Speaker and Coach who enjoys a lifelong fascination of habit-hacking and creating breakthroughs within systems for the uplift of all beings. Her most recent breakthrough was finding a zero-substance, which = zero-risk solution, to eradicate pain, PMS, and symptoms of Menstrual Disorders through her proprietary system, Fierce Gentleness™ . How does it work? The Fierce Gentleness™ results prove that the womb is not broken, just out of balance, so we balance it and up-level our lives in the process because the world needs us at our full power: now, more than ever.

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