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hi everybody, christine marie here. so we're here to know about the menstrual phases, and it's how to know them. and there have been names i ascribe to the belief that there are four menstrual phases because of the way that i use the knowledge of the four minstrel phases. so if i was a biologist or an obgyn, i might be looking at the phases and breaking them down into two phases. follicular and luteal phase. and from there there are, there are so many processes, so many hormones that are happening that are that are dancing and singing and partying in these different in these two basic phases. if you want to learn about the literal biological mechanics of menstruation, i have a link to a video that i love so so much that is just about that. but like gravity, where okay, i do know, i think the number is 9.8 meters per second squared is the speed of acceleration of gravity. i know that that's as much as i know about gravity, but i know that there's a lot going on there. i do know that i don't need to know how it works to make really good use of it. and that's how i feel about the menstrual phases. there is a lot going on, i'm not going to deny it. but i'm here to work with the application side of things, rather than the knowing. because knowing as as my sister's friends from business school, and my sister, she's the one who told me this phrase, she said that they would say a student's work for b students and c students don't work. meaning that like knowing and being the best, and being the smartest, isn't actually gonna. it's not actually the like, key to success. there are so many ways there, there are so many ways to apply and to understand menstruation. but i'm super interested in what we can get from these from this cycle and from these phases. and that is how i came upon this, knowing this new knowing through new naming. when you name it, you frame it of the phases because i would like them to be more accessible and easier to remand so that we can more easily accommodate what the cycles what excuse me what these phases are needing from us so that we can be our most brilliant selves and be our fully expressed selves, as it shows up in each phase. the people who i love the most the thought leaders in my niche, although, again, what are focus on within the niche, different things. the people who i follow most strongly, though, are maisie hill and miranda gray. maisie hill uses the framework of the seasons to name the four phases. and randy gray employs adjectives that typically describe energies, ways of ways of energy to describe the phases, i use her nomenclature more often, because i find it to be more accessible. just in terms of nomenclature, there's a lot that i get from maisie hill, and i adore her. but i've still found that i have to do a lot of explaining. because i'm like, well, that's it. let me just go into the names because i'm going to use her names to then introduce my name for the phases. so let's get into it. i'm going to do the phases in order of in order of, i just got sidetracked for a moment i got distracted. i'm just going to tell you now i'm in green phase, i'm going to do them in from from day one, and then we're going to go around our clock. so miranda gray refers to day one in the phase that includes it as the reflective phase day one is always when we are menstruating. i think it's weird to say when we're bleeding because we're not actually bleeding. but there is a flow of something red called utero lighting from our body. and reflective phase. yes, that is one aspect of what's happening we are reflecting. but notice that we tend to feel compelled to withdraw from others especially from groups and we are quieter our energy is very low. our subconscious is high. we are highly emotional. and energetically speaking. our what's happening is we are introverted and our energy is passive. and so we are fully set up for recluse time for priestess phase that's right. priestess phase,

in priestess phase, we are undergoing the ritual of release. we are in communion with ourselves in a completely different way. a completely unreasonable way. remember, subconscious is here. so this this six is submerged in water. so it's like it's floating around with all the other chakras. and so we're coming to decisions and we're deciding things. we're deciding things based on what we received from the previous phase and i'll get into that when i get into the fourth phase. but we're deciding them in a way that is highly, highly, highly intuitive. and it and we are looking at how it is of greatest service to our whole being not just our third dimensional selves, as the fourth phase is going to be more likely to address. but all of us below, on earth, and above all of us. and so we are on the mountain and we are embodying channeling the information that is going to shake out to be the initiatives, directives, decisions that matter for the next 28 day cycle. so we do our work on the mountain in our temple, meditation, relaxation, stillness, immense amounts of rest, not so much food because we're not hungry. we did a lot of eating just like a bear does it to prepare for hibernation. we did a lot of eating during our previous during our fourth phase. so we do that and we we leave it at the temple steps. and guess who comes to pick it up? that's right, soldier phase. miranda gray uses dynamic phase and dynamic is an aspect of what's happening here. you are vivacious, you are full of energy. i like soldier because soldier is youthful, young getting things done following directions. not particularly reasonable. because they are just going to follow orders. and what wait is what does a soldier say when it's doing something that is unpleasant to others, or that is not well received? i'm just following orders here. i'm just following orders. and the soldier is and like a football player holding the football, they have one arm out and they're going to get that ball down the field. army corps of engineers, they're making bridges, they're making walls. and they're putting up frameworks, boundaries, directives, decisions, initiation, starting projects, making lists, they are senses are heightened. they're all five senses are heightened when you're a soldier, because you're highly highly aware. they're taking care of the things that most people don't want to do. they're doing cleaning in common in, in distinction from the cleaning and decluttering. that's a bit more thoughtful that's happening in the fourth phase, the soldier is getting stuff done actioning. and this is not to say that all soldiers are just automatons walking around. no, not at all. this is just characterizing how this phase is of greatest service to this whole being this whole system, this realm that is each and every one of us. so soldier does its job. and then there's a lot of things that have just happened. so now soldier is extroverted and active. and because they have these spikes of energy, but then we go over to peacemaker. right. so peacemaker is there to finesse and make okay with the rest of the outer world because peacemaker is extroverted and passive. so exchange of knowledge and ideas and compromise can happen here. peacemaker is finessing the directives that have been implemented and put into place the boundaries that have been put into place by soldier and the shadow of peacemaker. and miranda gray calls this the expressive phase. it is expressive, and at the same time, peacemaker. i love peacemaker. because when i think of a peacemaker, what is the peacemaker surrounded by all the time, people, and this is the time when we are highly attractive, we've got an egg that we would like a sperm to meet. and so we're a little smelly, or we're giving off our smell, and it is attractive to the people who are supposed not supposed to. but it is attractive to some people and repellent to others. but often our energy overall is just highly attractive. and the peacemaker is this attractive entity that snoods over and makes okay, the boundaries that were set the directives that the peacemaker is now supposed to enact and make okay with the outer world with the thing that is not part of the system. and

and the shadow as is about to get to earlier of the peacemaker is over yessing. but when the soldier has done its job, the framework is there that protects the peacemaker from over yessing. so the request the proposals that might be offered to the peacemaker, to over yes, they don't even make it into the peacemakers, sphere of influence. and so the peacemaker is like uh huh. i ovulated the leg is the egg is released and this job is well done all as well in the world. i have served the priestess the soldier has done a fantastic job. yay. and then the fourth phase comes in queen phase and says, hold my beer and makes it clear that yes, peacemaker you've done a fantastic job but there's always more to be done. the queen is the leader of her realm. when there is peace she wants to make this peaceful time more bountiful. when there is war, she wants to end the war, this queen, if we don't handle the things in the other phases, she will be volatile and mean off with her head, alice in wonderland queen of hearts, but she can also be benevolent and kind and generous and make rules and regulations will come upon rules and regulations. because i love i love miranda gray calls it creative phase. and what's lovely about it being creative phase is that creativity is definitely happening, you are getting downloads and ideas like these names during queen phase. and so that is really exciting. but queen is also looking at what needs to be done to improve the world or to change her world. and to best serve the overall system to best serve her citizens, which is the other three parts of us and ultimately, ourselves and the environment and the lives that we are living and creating dynamically manifesting at all times as within so without, so if your menstrual system is kicking butt and taking names, feeling all these phases, letting them all exist and be expressed queen is introverted. she's in the castle, she's not at the top of the mountain in the temple, but she's in the castle, there's a distance between her and everybody else. if that's all happening, your life is probably looking pretty amazing. i'm on my journey in this myself and where i am right now where i'm speaking to you from none of these, these are all beyond my wildest dreams i, i didn't even know that life i have could exist. and it's and i love it. but it was only through discovery, it was not through trying to go after outside things i was not in alignment with it was discovering from this process. and so. so yeah, i believe very strongly in these four entities and in allying with them to help you get the life that you want. and one thing that's really necessary to be able to wield the power of the soldier to be able to finesse, the the peacemaker and help the peacemaker do its job to be able to discover the directives that are going to make your castle better and make your realm thrive, takes worthiness. and if we don't have it, it's going to be really easy, it becomes a lot easier to just say, you know what i'm just going to do, i'm just going to do and do and do and do and dread and, and you know, do myself into the ground. so that i'm sick, i'm overtired, i'm gaining weight, because not sleeping, i'm dissatisfied. and then we're going to contribute that to our bliss momentum doesn't sound like a bliss momentum that i want to contribute to. and so that's another reason why this is not just fun, like, oh, let's play with names. this is like if you know these things, maybe you'll be more willing to take on what your body's asking you to do. so that you can get on your path of of thriving your path get on your grid, a feminine feminine energy power, it is a completely different grid of power, the masculine energy power, and it is one that nourishes us rather than depletes because we're actually in alignment with what this power is about. we are water, masculine energy is fire, bring water to fire, it's going to evaporate into nothing. i'm just going to leave that there. and so then queen, queen, creates these things creates content, creates these ideas creates these directives, and where is she getting them from? she's getting them from all of the things in previous cycles that have been shelved. she's getting them from things that she might have suppressed in previous cycles. and what happens is, they're

all thrown into this well, and like okay, well, we'll deal with it later. like, these are the most important things that disciples brought to me. and so this is what i'm gonna bring to priestess. but what happens is in our subconscious, then the water subconscious is most easily understood as water. the subconscious is rising in the well. and as it's rising, the things that we're throwing into the well are floating up to the surface. and that's what makes it possible for the queen to look around. it's not fully at surface where she's not as reasonably aligned. she's not in her reason as strongly because priestess is, is living in an entirely other existence, in terms of reason. but it is when where she can see as the stuff is rising, oh, that we should tackle, peacemakers done their job, but we've gotten more, we've got more to do. and this is how she can determine because the subconscious brings it up. and when the subconscious is bringing up too much at once, and we can't actually just discern and choose when we're just inundated and overwhelmed by it. that's where we get pms because what we want to do is we want to push down, push down, push down, but when we push a beach ball or this trash, we tried to push it back down under the water to pretend it's not there. the harder we push the higher into the air it explodes and those are our volatile pms is and it doesn't just stop in pms. that's where cramps come from. the priestess and the queen say if you won't listen to us, we will roar. so i hope that knowing these new terms, these new ways to to address your menstrual phases. i hope that it is empowering it makes it a little bit easier to tap into what they are wanting from you. this is the beginning. this is a new way of understanding things. this is a new grid feminine energy power grid that we are on and and using our menstrual phases in our cycle is a way to, to navigate that power. but if we don't have worthiness to back it up, it's going to make it difficult, as i said before, but how do we engage with that worthiness there are a lot of tools on my website. but if we just want to get into beginning we can use these videos which include a lot of approaches to finding to activating worthiness to activating feminine energy power. but i have a guide because i love beginnings i the guide called feel good to do great a guide to great beginnings. and it includes tools that can help you begin in a sustainable, joyful way. well begun half done. thank you for watching. and please like so that more people can more easily find me. please subscribe so that you will be the first to know what's going on and you get access to our yoga videos. thank you. thank you, thank you go out into the state with joy with ease, feeling space and a bulent with grace.

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