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The key to making money is to stay invested. And where you're putting your money is an investment of money, the time you took to earn that money, or the time you didn't take to earn that money, because more and more, we are finding ways, thankfully, to make money in our sleep, to have money work for us, you're putting an investment in your unique path in discovering your potential, and giving up on abandoning yourself as a way to cope in a way to make it in this world. You are also investing in bringing balance back to this world. I am launching my membership community. It is a paid membership community. And it will feature the work that I find to be extremely valuable. I have struggled for the past few months with my social media output. Because I feel that the quality of the work that I am offering, the value of the information is too high to offer to what I see as entertaining, and fun and insightful and informative. But overall it's it's noise. It's a lot of information. It's a lot of stimulation. And I believe that I laughed a little bit because if you compare the kind of stimulation that the great thinkers who shaped our time, Einstein, Aristotle Who am I thinking of Newton garota, George sands and ice Ninh, Audrey Lord, Maya Angelou, when you think of the amount of stimulation that they were encountering, regularly, versus that which we are encountering now, it is just overwhelm and the amount of energy that is being used to sift and sort to find our way. And those are bots. And those are algorithms. And they mean well, and I appreciate them. And I appreciate social media, I wouldn't be able to make this announcement. If not for social media, I wouldn't be able to make some of the things I make, if not for social media. So I appreciate it. And at the same time, I don't feel comfortable, it doesn't feel in alignment with me to continue to contribute to what I see as highly interesting. Noise. I'm not leaving social media, I do find it all the things to be to be all the things that I said that it is earlier. But my work and my professional contribution, which is very much intertwined with my lifestyle, and the way that I live so that I can receive and download and offer the information doesn't even make me feel good because it's more of like a it's going through all information kind of feels like it's only coming to sixth chakra to mind to logic to reason. And yet, there's there's feeling there's adjustment, there's thought there's awareness, multisensory awareness, there's movement, there's experience, there's all of this content that comes through, and I want it to land in fertile soil. I don't want to spread the seeds and hope that some of it lands, I want to spread this information in a more conscious way. And so I have my membership program. There are multiple tiers $5 $10 $20.20 $7 levels paid on a monthly basis. I offer the multi tiers so that you can contribute where you're comfortable, and that you're receiving information that will keep you on your path that will encourage you from where you are. Someone might be able to afford $27 a month, but they don't need $27 A month. More is not more. More only matters if it has a place to be received. If you are still here though,

it's not about spending more. It's about getting what you need from what I have I'm offering, the key to making money is to stay invested. I feel very good about what I'm doing. But I also feel obligated to make an explanation because you could find this information online for free. Absolutely, it will just not be curated in a way that is going to complement your journey. If the journey that you're seeking is one that has to do with menstrual that begins with menstrual alignment begins with tuning in, in the way that your body wants to communicate with you. And if you are a administrator, a former administrator, or an ally to administrator or former administrator, then the way that our bodies come equipped with is this, this thing, this business in the second and first chakra. And so if you are thinking, hey, maybe this shift into another way of being that complements my life and the ways the reason I know that this might be a compliment is because I came, I arrived with these specific particular organs, or these organs to some degree, if we might have both, then this information might serve me in a very effective way. Or this information for the ally might help me find out how I can best serve my child or my partner or my parent, and so on. And so if it's a value to you receiving it in this way, then please join me I am so happy to receive you to this holistic healing circle, this collective. I also will continue to put interesting information into social media, but it is information that is interesting, and is meant to help those who have not yet found me. Find me. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you in advance for joining me, and if it's not a fit, thank you for being part of what helps me create the contrast. Have a beautiful day. And as always, I wish you joy is space and grace. And if that doesn't sound available to you, I wish you the willingness to be open to asking the question: "how that might become possible?". Thank you

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Sustainable Guilt-Free Thriving does not happen over night. The variety of programs and Life Coaching that happens with Christine Marie at Sparrow Holistic seek to address all four spokes of the wheel. Holistic = Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual considerations. Christine Marie's personal journey to Guilt-Free Thriving required the embrace of the co-creative conversation with life that happens in an infinite number of ways. How do we know what our way is? How can we create a foundation of trust with ourselves and our world to be willing to take the risk to put in to action the steps we feel compelled to take. Living the purpose-driven life. Actively committing to co-create intentions --> manifestations is not for the faint of heart, which is why the 1% continues to remain 1% and male-dominated. Christine Marie wishes to shift the paradigm through incremental change. She received the support she needed to help others who will, by their example of guilt-free thriving help others, and the collective grows!

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