Today I read and comment on @Business Wire’s article: Elix’s Cycle Balance Is Found Clinically Effective for 15 Different Symptoms

Hello everybody, Christine Marie here and I am quite possibly your holistic menstrual coach. Why? Because I shift Minster, raters who suffer out of suffering and into fearless thriving with no medication, no supplements, no hormone therapy, no special diet, no special exercise, and no risk just rewards. So if you're ready to shift out of suffering of any kind, including whether or not you have diagnoses, I am here to help. But here's the coolest part. I haven't replicated myself, I am ready to help you through my online course, that allows you to live your way into minstrel magic at just 10 minutes a day. If you'd like more information about that, please ask me. My contact information is everywhere. So without further ado, let's look at today's article. This is a really cool one. I'm very, very excited about it. I haven't read it. I've just seen the topic. But it looks pretty cool. So I'm going to read the article verbatim and then I'm going to comment on it. I'm always when I'm commenting I'm always looking at how the well being of the administrator themselves is is addressed. And
whether or not the information used and the language used is empowering, is inclusive. We need everybody in on this process of shifting minster writers out of suffering, and D normalizing the idea that pain is part of menstruation. Here is the article. It's called helixes cycle balance is found clinically effective for 15 different symptoms. This is published by Business Wire a Berkshire Hathaway company
notes trial assess the efficacy of helixes cycle balance on 15 Common menstrual symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea and on reducing the need to use over the counter pain medication for their treatment. Next point 90% of participants stated cycle balance improve their PMS and menstrual symptoms overall. Next point 85% of participants were impressed with the results from taking cycle balance. Oh,
I don't think I can read this article because this is about a medication.
Although it's not birth control.
I am intrigued. Let's keep reading. Even though my method is supplement free, I am not going to knock a method that
might nourish the womb, rather than ignore it and neglect it. That's the better word to do some alliteration. I would prefer I would love to read about something that nourishes rather than neglects the world. So I'm going to keep reading.
So this is the third bullet point 85% of participants were impressed with their results from taking cycle balance. And the last point 80% of participants missed fewer work hours and cancel plans and were overall more effective more productive by month three.
Here's the article New York Business Wire helix. The first digital platform to combine traditional Chinese medicine with a proprietary algorithm to empower self healing is proud to announce the results of a pioneering clinical trial that validates the efficacy of its hero product cycle balance. A personalized formula of medicinal herbs that holistically supports menstrual symptoms by treating underlying hormonal imbalances on significantly reducing the severity of 15 Common menstrual symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea including mitt pre menstrual cramps, menstrual cramps, mood swings, feeling anxious or depressed acne flare ups, headaches, backaches, other body aches, bloating, gastrointestinal issues, joint or muscle pains, tiredness or fatigue, weight gain to fluid retention, breast tenderness, appetite change food cravings,
chronic cycle related and hormonal imbalances affecting 90% of women, about 80 million in the US and about 700 million globally, often leading to debilitating symptoms like migraines, painful cramps and heavy bleeding. However, only 4% of research and development address women's health issues in the US, leading to significant gaps in knowledge and treatment options forcing women to be their own health advocates. well documented research demonstrates gender bias and women's healthcare which results in poor outcomes delay in care, shame and stigma and unnecessary suffering. In q1 2022 ELYX completed its first Institutional Review Board approved independent clinical trial to formally evaluate if cycle balanced formula has provided relief from menstrual symptoms and resulted in a reduced need for over the counter pain medication. The trial took place over three months and consisted of 65 participants between the ages of 18
In 236, each described typically having moderate to severe discomfort during menstruation, and all reported being in good health and living, active and healthy lifestyles. Participants were provided with their own tailored blend of cycle balance. were instructed on how to take it and completed monthly surveys before, during and after the three month trial period to track changes in their symptoms. Not only do the results overwhelmingly verify that cycle balance delivered a significant reduction in the severity of common menstrual symptoms. The results offer clear and compelling evidence that underscores recent studies and over 5000 years of anecdotal evidence that traditional Chinese medicine is an effective treatment option to address these symptoms holistically by targeting the root cause of pain to support overall cycle and hormone health. Additional key insights, first of 480 5% of participants reported better cycle regulation. Second of 480 2% of participants experienced fewer premenstrual and menstrual cramps. 34 80% of participants have fewer mood swings, fourth of 470 9% of participants felt more energized during menstruation select secondary insights. first of four 90% of participants reported fewer acne flare ups, second of four 90% of participants experienced less backaches, third of 470 7% of participants notice reduction and bloating. fourth of four 80% of participants have fewer days feeling depressed or anxious. A quote I created elix Because I was sick of painkillers and birth control being the only options for our periods and knew there had to be more natural healing alternatives we had elix are thrilled that the trial demonstrates how cycle balanced herbal medicine supports menstrual symptoms holistically. We are forging ahead and investing in additional clinical research that will ultimately help every person with a period tune into their bodies naturally heal hormonal imbalances and feel like the best version of themselves every day of the month, says founder and CEO Lulu G. Helix helix recognizes that there is no one size fits all in health and offers and holistic alternative to empower self healing and makes access to scientifically backed natural remedies more convenient and available than ever before. To learn more about the clinical trial visit helix the full range of products is also available at helix About helix. Founded by Lulu G in 2020. Helix is the first digital platform to use modern technology to personalize traditional Chinese medicine by combining time tested knowledge, medical botanicals and clinical research to empower self healing, built on the principle that menstrual cycles are a vital sign for our overall health. Helix formulates pure and potent liquid herbal extracts clinically proven to treat hormonal imbalances that are the root cause of painful and life disrupting symptoms. Thus far, its community spans over all 50 States and Canada ranges from 16 to 52 years of age and has completed over 150,000 health assessments beyond herbal treatments. ELYX is committed to breaking Women's Health taboos and bridging the gap in health care knowledge through community events.

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