Today I read and comment on @Business Wire’s article: Elix’s Cycle Balance Is Found Clinically Effective for 15 Different Symptoms

So I'm going to now do the commentary on this article. Elixir cycle balance is found clinically effective for 15 different symptoms from Business Wire.
I am just over the moon with joy, just over the moon with joy to see this article
it is proof 150,000 members of their community clinical trial proof this group is doing what I don't have the resources to do yet. I give it an A plus, because their mission is, first of all, the language is inclusive. They did not say women, they said or if they did they use the word participants. Ah, no, they did say women. And then they mentioned women's health. So the language was not completely inclusive. But it wasn't distracting. Or, as I'm shifting out of soldier phase and into Peacemaker phase, perhaps I am not picking up on it so acutely, because that is one of the things that dulls just a little bit kind of smooths out
is that strict attention to detail. So the language is not as inclusive as it could be. But they do diversify, they they alternate with the word participants, women. And because menstruation does fall under women's health, it doesn't fall under people health, it falls under women's health.
Then for the statistic that they were trying to prove, which is the point that 90% of half of our planet suffers from this from this issue. But only 4% of research is going to this issue. They had to couch it under women's
health to do have to give that statistic. I don't agree with a 90% statistic. I'd like to look at that. Because my research hasn't shown that. But
I mean, there's there's a little bit older too. So the dates on their work cited are 2019 22,006 and 2018. So that's fair, it could have it could have
it could have been different two years ago. But I am just so happy. I'm so happy to see this because they keep saying holistically, holistically things improve holistically, health gets better. Now one of the points they said is that we treat the cause rather than the symptoms, and they want it to be an alternative to birth control. I love that they're treating the cause rather than the symptoms. They see the causes hormonal imbalance, I disagree there, the cause is the womb is out of balance. Hormones are not the only things that affect the womb, the womb, just as it says somewhere in the article, it says something that's really, really beautiful. It says
yes, in the biography of elix, it says about helix. The second line says built on the principle that menstrual cycles are a vital sign for our overall health.
That's so beautiful, because the womb is reflecting it is the weather vane. It is the signpost for our overall holistic health.
And we must heed it. And because it is the signpost for our overall holistic health for that reason. That's why we can't say that the source of the problem is hormonal imbalance because everything is affecting it. That's why my method works.
And that's probably why their method falls short. Now, of course, I have 10 out of 10 results. Like that's not a lot of results. So maybe 100 People from now or
they're saying 82%. So maybe when I have 60 people, then, you know, 80% of those 20% of that group will not have experienced the menstrual shift that I offer. But the reason why I think my approach would garner better results is because they are using hormone therapy. And they're treating one aspect of the womb and I treat the entire womb. And so if you treat all of it, then you would get results that reflect all of one's won't being treated, which would maybe be 100%.
But I have a long road to hoe
in this in this conversation. The main point that I want to just emphasize is that they're proving holistic,
holistic treatment compels shift,
holistic treatment and this these 15 Common menstrual symptoms. I love how they listed them. They don't address diagnosed disorders they don't address fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS and PMDD
My work does but it's not because I mean to address it, but because the people who come to me who are willing to take the risk on my no risk process have diagnoses, because it's gotten that far there woman's degenerated that far, the people who are only at you know, level one dysmenorrhea. They're like, Oh, maybe it'll change like they're still there.
So, that is why I can say, well, we treat those 15 symptoms, and we have results with people with diagnoses. Because because we have those in our in our test group.
overall, this is just a slam dunk. It's just really exciting. And
let's keep looking. Let's keep remembering. And one of the last thing it's doing that's really helpful is it's addressing the the big awareness that is so needed, which is that there are non medical means for ending pain ending degeneration of the womb. In fact, there are no medical means for doing that, because medicine doesn't treat the womb it treats only the symptoms. So yay, yay, yay, yay, yay. So happy. I hope that you didn't even hear the commentary. If you heard anything. I hope you read the article, and you share it with everybody because because there is a solution. So let's take it and let's stop. Let's stop proliferating this message to go to the doctor. Because all it does is exacerbate the problem is you have to by default, it's not their fault, but they don't have an answer and people keep asking them for one so they're giving you an answer. It's just not one that's actually going to heal you.
So I'll stop there for today wishing you joy, ease space and grace. Wow.

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