Today I read and comment on’s article: Why is the Period Positivity Movement important? by JASDEV BHAKAR

And now the commentary, I have to give this article, an A plus A pretty much never give a pluses because most of the time,
people just fall short. What I'm seeing here is inclusive language.
Although she doesn't use the term adminstrators, which I would love.
She says people, women, and I like that she includes men in the conversation and spends a little bit of time focusing on their responsibility to the conversation. We can't know everything, we can't be a hero for everybody. But every person on this planet knows somebody who is menstruating. And it is all of our responsibility to
empower this conversation. And so I appreciate her bringing that up. The people that she highlighted
are, like really incredible. She's writing from the perspective of a South Asian woman. And I really appreciate the time that she took to research.
South Asians who are it's you know, she just zoomed in, so, so,
so thoughtfully on South Asian plus menstruation activism, plus menstruation, period positivity plus period neutrality.
And the it's clear that she took a lot of time with this article. One of my big problems, I think the reason why I was so encouraged to give her an A plus is because a lot of articles are going like 100 directions at the same time. And they give a lot of resources. She gave a lot of resources. They these other articles give a lot of resources, but they don't. It's just like a list. It's like they researched everything really hastily. And they're like, I just have to check the box that my publication put out information about menstruation. Like is that it? Did you did you get out some stuff? Okay, eat this exercise. This is what the gynecologist says. Another big deal is that she says she doesn't mention going to the doctor for further help if people are experiencing complications. That's another reason why I gave an a plus because
got doctors are very, very useful. But Madison's solution right now for menstrual disorders and complications is to mute the pain and to continue to let the womb degenerate in the dark. So the patient is wrong is thinking that they're doing something for their health, when actually they're contributing to the exacerbation of the menstrual problems of menstrual problems of the wombs problems. And so I really love that she didn't point people in that direction.
I'm also strongly encouraged to get my book out because I really appreciate Maisie Hill. And I'm grateful for her. She was very, very important
to, to minstrel education. But I want another perspective to be out there only because Maisie Hill also does a lot of education around health problems that you could be having that are messing with your menstruation. And I, the perspective I take on menstruation is that if we solve your womb, we solve everything. And so if things come after that, then we can pinpoint those but let's solve the womb first. And Macy Hill comes from the perspective from what I've encountered from her in her book in her podcasts is menstruation is a problem. And these other things are also problems and these other things and these other things. And like by the time you listen to a few episodes, I feel like I'm aware of like 20 more problems I might have, instead of doubling down on this one, because I don't think it's by accident that the womb is in the center of the body and that the womb is such a powerful tool for humanity. I don't think that's by accident. And so I think that solving the womb, actually does solve everything does solve a lot of problems does solve a lot of other imbalances. So we take two different sides of the coin, but I would love for that other side of the coin to be present. So that's a little nudge for me.
I love her examples. I was actually moved to tears. When I was reading about the poet's journey. The poet Her last name is car let me pull Ruby car that was just incredibly beautiful and
and powerful. Overall this article was it did what it was meant to do, which was to tell us why period positive the movement is important to give its importance, while also empowering.
administrators to have a variety of pin of opinions. And while while also
I hate to use a double negative, but while also not disempowering the movement by giving messaging that reminds the administrator to suffer in comfort, which is the industry standard for messaging right now. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you to just up the car.
And thank you for listening.

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