Today I read and comment on Health Digest’s article: Can The Keto Diet Mess With Your Menstrual Cycle? by Brie Schmidt

And now the commentary. So I love the
focus, I love that it stayed on focus, I'm still, as you can see, I'm still smarting from one of the very first articles that I ever read that was just all over the place, it was like, and this person said, this person said, You should do this diet and not that diet, and you should eat this one and blah, blah, blah, I don't even want to like channel that energy because it sort of started to hurt. So I,
I appreciate that it was on topic.
And I'm amazed that I did not know the keto diet was still popular. I thought it ended in the 2000s. So it's kind of striking and shocking. That's why I was attracted to the topic, because it's shocking that people are still doing this to themselves.
As you know, I am an holistic menstrual coach, which means I'm looking at everything holistically. And I work from the understanding that the body is simply a reflection in 3d of what is going on with your holistic self, your holistic self is your spirit intuitive, your physical body, spirit, Intuit is above physical bodies below to the left is or we might say, West, is
your emotional and East is your mental. And when that is out of balance it manifests in the body. There has been a lot of research done around cancer, and people noticed that when people practiced forgiveness,
there would be
progress towards the end of somebody's of someone's cancer. Now, I can't think of the article right now. But I've read about it in several books. There are also studies and this was one of the articles that I recently read. And believe me, I'm gonna start keeping track of the citations and sources so that I can be a better resource.
And you can verify when you're listening to this, there have been at least two articles that have cited high stress,
resulting in higher flow and long and elongated periods.
I have clients who, when we've looked at when their menstrual disorders began, they could they could pinpoint an event, an awful event that might have happened in their life three months, usually three months or two months prior to the shift happening in their womb.
And so we see that the energetic Life of the person does have an effect on the body, this happens for the womb, but this also happens for body weight. One of the effects of working holistically with the womb is that my clients will experience weight loss, for those who may want to be a little bit have a little bit less weight, they will experience it, but the way they get there is is keeping the weight loss in soft focus, rather than in main focus, because when they are nurturing their lives,
it everything comes into balance, including weight, and they get their body adjusts itself to a lower weight when it is not. In a way absorbing and holding on to like in a literal sense, physically holding on to things that don't serve. This is something that I found with two of my clients is when they stopped holding resentments, and they stopped taking the blame for everything, the weight just came off. Now, the body is incredibly sophisticated. So the triggers and pulleys and all the different things that happened that made that happen is not as basic as a cause and effect as I described. But because there is a conversation happening, that uplifting that positive conversation triggered the right hormones in the right amount instead of the wrong hormones instead of an overload. Anytime a system is out of balance, there's going to be too much of one thing and too little of the other. The natural balance that it needs is one that we find through goodness to ourselves. That's a great place to start. And especially today rest
enough about my and my clients experiences. This has to I bring it up because it has to do with weight and needing to lose weight which is why people go on the keto diet they want to or or because of the things listed here. Now I love that. I love that they that a keto diet benefits people with type two diabetes and that it improves brain function and reduces seizures and even prevent some cancers. That's incredible.
But I would say that overall for menstruation. I don't think the body needs more or less weight but it does need the foods that it needs.

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