Hello everybody, Christine Marie here, and I'm quite possibly your holistic menstrual coach. Why? Because I believe in your birthright to pain free PMS free menstrual cycles. And if you suffer from menstrual disorders with diagnoses like endometriosis, or PMDD, or PCOS, or fibroids, this process that I offer you a process of treating your body in the least invasive way possible with no substance, which means no risk. All of us can get to the other side of painful PMS, written periods and into minstrel magic. I read articles every day, Monday through Friday, and I comment on them. I read them so that if you're driving or I don't know, walking, taking a study, break whatever you're doing. It's a way for you to hear what's in the news, what's adminstration news, and then I follow up each article with a commentary. And the commentary will always cover inclusivity empowerment, menstrual equity, and solution and the quality of the solutions they offer. And lastly, I should include this it will also always cover specificity and how conscious of their of their purpose of the title of the article How, how strongly they stayed with the topic because a lot of times articles just end up in a smorgasbord of, of like fun facts from 20 different sources. And there's not a lot of actionable information, which can be very tough for the person who's menstruating who's looking for guidance there. And my grades will reflect that I always grade from a scale of a plus to d minus. Today I'm looking at an article from newsroom Odisha. And it is titled period taboo, how it impacts mental health in a girl child. The difficulty in Oh, and this is by newsroom Odisha. The difficulty in addressing myths and understanding surrounding menstruation is exacerbated by people's limited knowledge of puberty, menstruation and reproductive health. When young girls get their first period, they experience emotional distress and fear when they are not allowed to ask questions and receive answers in an open and honest environment. Things worsen. Most adolescent girls in India don't learn about menstruation until they experience it for the first time. Because the topic is rarely discussed. It demonstrates how rarely parents prepare their daughters for life event. And because of this lack of readiness, many women experience needless anxiety and worry affecting their mental health as well. Menstruation remains a taboo subject in India, and women still carry a stigma and severe restrictions are imposed in the lives of the women who have them even today. Young social entrepreneur, advised Taisha Birla, founder of the nonprofit organization whose job is to raise awareness of menstruation, hygiene and wellness said menstruation is a natural part of a woman's body, but a lack of knowledge about it can lead to stigma and false beliefs, both of which can be harmful to a woman's health. The shame associated with periods prevents people from passing down advice about how to handle your period from one generation to the next. Low levels of estrogen and progesterone coincided with a woman's period. Reduced estrogen levels alter the balance of chemicals in the brain. Some research links low estrogen levels and low serotonin levels. That happy chemical that makes you feel content. The mental health of a young girl may suffer as a result of the aforementioned stigma and taboo. In India early on females are socialized to accept the discomfort of menstruation is normal. And it is unusual to see a girl seek medical attention for the emotional or physical distress that comes with it. BLS said menstruation is a natural part of a woman's life and the taboos surrounding it needs to end periods are a natural process that should be treated like any other. Most girls experience severe discomfort, mood swings, depression, anxiety and stress during menstruation and they often lack basic knowledge about the menstrual cycle and proper hygiene during this time. dysmenorrhea or pain and cramps is the most common menstrual disorder affecting young adolescent women periods cause depression, anxiety and stress. According to Barilla the main barrier to seeking to help seeking behavior is embarrassment about menstruation, which links to disorders such as social phobia, anxiety and depression. Commenting on dealing with such issues more effectively. He adds, raising awareness administration is the first step toward starting opening conversations about it in our culture. The first step in removing taboos is to end the practice of using unpleasant expressions for periods. It is critical for girls and women to feel comfortable communicating with their male relatives, such as their fathers or brothers to receive the appropriate level of care. This discussion must include men as a whole a majority of the girls heed the advice discuss the subject with their mothers. This means that educating mothers about menstrual health is beneficial in addressing menstrual health issues. The education of all educators should include the fundamentals of menstruation. Female educators, in particular must be encouraged to initiate conversations about girls mental and physical health with their students, public and private schools as well as universities must do their part to help young women cope with menstrual health issues and dispel any myths or stigmas that may exist within their institutions and society. Finally, by implementing sessions and workshops to educate female students about menstruation schools can boost a girl's self esteem and dispel harmful stereotypes. attending one of these sessions can help young women prepare for the onset administration. Girls who take care of themselves during menstruation are more likely to attend school on a regular basis, which is often hampered by period taboos in countries such as India. Barilla concludes. This is the end of the article. Up next: the comments.

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