This is the commentary of the article, period taboo how it impacts mental health and a girl child. I give this article a B- and I'm going to try, I'm in Queen phase. Biologically speaking Queen phase also is the luteal phase. And because I'm in Queen phase, I'm aware that I contend towards being highly ideological, highly dogmatic and somewhat emotional. And because of this, I am tamping it down, I'm reeling myself in for how much I want to say about this article.

I gave it a "B" because--No, I think I'm gonna give it a B-, I gave it a B-, because if you were to average ABCD, which is the scale that I use, and it goes from A+ to D-, then you've got a plus A-, B+, B, B-. And so you've got a total of 12.

Items in this set of possibilities starts with A+, at the highest and D- being the lowest. And if you were to take the average, that would be 6.5. And 6.5, is where that would fall, if you were to say A plus is 12. A- I mean, A is 11, and so on, that 6.5 would be located at B-. And that is because there's a lot of informative information. I think it's very helpful. The awareness that needs to be brought to young people who menstruate being educated on what's happening in their body. My problem in a huge way, is lines like this, "Low levels of estrogen and progesterone coincide with a woman's period. Reduced estrogen levels alter the balance of chemicals in the brain. Some research links low estrogen levels and low serotonin levels, that "happy chemical" that makes you feel content".

And the problem with that is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with low levels of estrogen and progesterone. They happen to coincide with a woman's period. The body signaled that the baby--that it's not happening, that there's not going to be a baby during the cycle, the egg is going to leave, it's going to: exit stage right.


That means that the body no longer needs this, these chemicals: estrogen and progesterone--these hormones. There's nothing wrong with that. That is what is supposed to be happening. What is wrong with this is that this is seen as a problem. It is not depressing--when these chemicals exit when these levels lower.

Why do I know that it's not depressing? Because when we get into magical menstruation, and when we are not comparing--when we are not using an entirely different body, with a different system that runs on a different schedule of hormones, as the standard for where our system is (under and over, is in surplus or a deficit), then it is not low levels of estrogen and progesterone.

It is the right level of estrogen and progesterone at this time in the body. So instead of feeding your body more of it so that you can counteract the lack, why don't you respect that your body's going through something and not intervene with something that is not needed, these lower levels accommodate the body, and the body adjusts itself with these lower levels so that it can do what it was meant to do, which is eventually go from full, full energy and peak energy at day 14 around ovulation to rest to total stillness. If we really look at this in our allies body and in their hormone cycle, they peak in the middle of the day, and then they go to rest at night.

This is the same thing. We don't ask our allies as a society to stay up at 2am and keep going on a treadmill. We let them sleep we expect them to sleep. We need to allow same Z's for the person who menstruate because it's a fact counteracting it means that you

You'll get the short term benefit of that energy by keeping the levels balanced. But it will affect you long term because anytime a machine, it doesn't get what it needs and doesn't get it's

it's, it's it's predisposed expert like it not predisposed, predisposed, when it doesn't get what it needs for its nurturing because it is a certain kind of machine and needs to operate in a certain way. If you keep overriding it and over running it, the machine will break down. And it may not break down in the womb, it might show up somewhere else. Depending on the emotional makeup of the person, what kind of stresses and challenges they're dealing with, it can manifest in other parts of the body. But I posit that all of the compounded issues that people who menstruate during their menstruating years are dealing with, if you if you get that womb, right, if you get it back to balance and back to order, those other things will also fade away.

There's some people whose bodies who suffer from menstrual disorders, and it's in the womb. And then there's other people whose menstrual disorders, you know, they they,

they defer the responsibility to another organ or another body part. And that is where the disorder manifests. But ultimately, everything in our body is reflecting our life. And so if we're sick, it's reflecting our life. I mean, hey, this is just I'm quoting, a statistic that says 80% of our health problems are a result of stress.
And another statistic 84.1% of people who demonstrate suffer menstrual disorder in some way.

This is an epidemic, and it's preventable. But when we're told that there's something wrong with us, because we have this thing that happens in our body, and our levels of estrogen and progesterone go down, and that causes us to be depressed, then we've got a problem. Number one, lower estrogen and progesterone does not cause the body to be depressed, the body needs to rest. Okay, we already went over that. And number two, emphasizing education, about what's happening in the body is extremely important. My fear is that if the education that's being emphasized is disempowering, it will do more harm than good, like birth control, when we use it for the womb, not when we're using it for birth control, we have the right to make decisions about our body.

It is about birth control being a short term solution for a long term, a short term gain for long term pain. It but it's the only solution that the medical field can offer. So it's what we do, even though it's not good enough.

Because what's good enough is what solves the problem, not what makes it worse.

So I'm giving it a B- because I know the intentions are good. And of course, we knock off a point automatically for the women and girls, because we know that many people who menstruate are not don't identify in such a way.

And this gift of menstruation is such a beautiful one. I wouldn't want to take the claiming of it from any being we have a right.

We have a right to claim the magic that we contain. And I don't know who sat down like the Nicene Creed. You know, the what was it the the meeting at Nicaea where they decided what the rules of Christianity were?

I don't know who sat down and said, Hey, here's a way to for allies to dominate society and its structures and this is what we're going to do. But whoever sat down and said, Let's make menstruation a problem. And let's make the functions of menstruation wrong.

And let's make that normal. They did a heck of a job because even the best of us with the greatest of intentions, disempower this magic that's happening in our body.

So, you have a choice.

You can stay with this. And say, well, that's just the way it is. We're lacking. Because our levels go down when this thing happens in our body that and they only go down in comparison to this other being who doesn't have the same needs, expectations wants etc.

But no, there's something wrong with us. That's one way we could look at this or we could look at this as Wow, what magic I contain. What is that amazing line from Whitman. Do I hold on let me see me go. Such a good line. Do I Can Am I large? Why yes, I contain multitudes.

I'm finding it really quick. Really quickly.


It says, Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes. We are the human Race.

Do we contradict ourselves with these two different bodies? Very well, then yes, we contradict ourselves. We are large, we contain multitudes, let's forgive ourselves for our awesomeness, and forever, ever thinking that we lack because we are not that we contain multitudes, all are worthy of the magic that they contain.

And if you are suffering from menstrual disorder of any kind, you are worthy. And your room is fighting for you to recognize that you are worthy. And when you shift into a way of life that nurtures your worthiness that empowers you, physically and emotionally and mentally and spiritually, then then you will see, like me, why a line that says, You lack because of a biological thing that must happen in your body, you will see why that is not okay.

Regardless of how well intentioned it is, and I will finish with this. There's a story that I read about in my eighth grade history book on the history of North Carolina. And they talked about a woman who, excuse me, a slave owner, who purchased a slave and then scrubbed the slave from head to toe as hard as they could to help wash the black off of it.

I would wager that that person might have thought it was well intentioned what they were doing. I don't think they meant to terrorize this person. But I think that we're doing that all the time to ourselves.

That's a harsh fair comparison. But it does the job. Stop ignoring who you are to be what you're not. Well, Queen phase. Okay, I'll stop for today.

Wishing you joy, ease, space and grace.

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