Today I read and comment on the Scary Mommy Blog’s Article: “Forget The Butter Board Trend, This Couple Makes Their Daughters Period Boards” by Sarah Aswell

Hello everybody, Christine Marie, here I am quite possibly your holistic menstrual coach. I like to read articles that touch on issues important to menstruation, or that reflect on menstruation. And then I like to give commentary with a letter grade.
That reflects
how I see the article.
I can be a bit harsh. But I also think that we are pretty laid back about the amount of suffering we allow administrators to experience. And so if I
fit in and stay and take the small wins and revere them as big ones. Ultimately, I'm doing a disservice to the progress, that minstrel health can take the progress towards
bucking the trend of ever increasing pain and PMS and turning it back to where it's supposed to be to normalcy. Because we're not meant to suffer this way. We just have developed a level of complacency strongly fueled by learned helplessness, that
tends to let us think it's, it's totally normal, quote, normal to suffer. So that's why I'm so harsh because we have a solution.
To end menstrual suffering, we have many solutions to end menstrual suffering. And it's a matter of us administrators. Accepting that medicine can treat the
the symptoms but is not treating the, the solution is not treating the cause yet. But perhaps if more of us embrace the solution that isn't championed yet by the medical profession, they will start to notice. Until then, let's take care of ourselves, we can
at no risk. It's in fact riskier to take the medical route. You're hearing it from somebody who did and suffer dearly for it. Not because medicine wants to hurt us, but because they just don't have access to the tools that minstrel coaches, even functional health professionals have.
Let's get into this article. The article is from a blog called scary mommy. Okay.
And it is titled forget the butter board trend. This couple makes their daughter's period boards. subtext. It started out as a bit of a joke and I thought they might be a bit embarrassed, but they loved it. This is by Sarah as well.
And it was published on November
11 2022.
Putting stuff on boards has never been trendier, we've got the classic cheese and chakra tree boards. And then the more recent Bible trends of butter boards and pasta boards, but this might be the greatest board of them all up here at board. The invention which should be placed next to sliced bread and the printing press in terms of overall human achievement was the brainchild of spouses Tiffany Alan Shiota 52 and Michael Shiota 62, who share daughters Brooke 30 And Courtney 18. I kept seeing all these new types of boards on Tiktok. Like a butter board and pasta board Alan co2, co2 or Toyota depends on how strongly they align with your Italian roots. I just thought we need a period board. I wanted my daughters to come home to a safe environment. It started out as a bit of a joke and I thought they might be a bit embarrassed but they loved it. The boards are filled with tons of stuff they would that would make administrating person feel loads better pads and tampons, Aleve and a heating pad, a box of tissues and then lots and lots of junk food and chocolate arranged beautifully. Of course, your teenage daughter comes home and she's emotional because it's that time of the month. You want to meet her at the door with the leave and maybe some tissues Alan co2 says in the video. She might just be raging but you never know. She then gives a rundown of what else goes on the board, arranging the chocolate and snacks adding whatever is unreasonable is totally reasonable. So true. And don't forget a glass of red for the parents to get through the week. Then maybe some of this for mom and dad. She concludes my husband is very talented in the kitchen. She said in the interview. He always puts together something fabulous and he's great at putting together charcuterie boards and now he helps me with the period boards. Oh I in the US we say charcuterie
but it is a French word. So I'm gonna say Shaku tree, not because I don't know how to say charcuterie but because it's not the word. It sounds a little
like a little snobby.
But charcuterie just
I'll go back and forth.
Okay, we include whatever they want on there to help them through. We want them to know they're loved and supported. And the boards don't just help out the girls. Michael doesn't know anything about what they're going through so it helps them understand and be involved. She continued. I've been taking into shops to explain the different sanitary products and which of our girls prefers what I've had a lot of other dads reach out as well on social media wanting to learn more. People love the idea in the comments. Will you adopt me several people asked as a mom who loves to be extra and who has two daughters who will one day be teens doing this? Totally doing this another said as a 33 year old I won't want another woman said and it's hard not to agree period boards for all please include the wine.
So that's the end of the article. And now I'm gonna give the commentary.

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