Today I read and comment on the Scary Mommy Blog’s Article: “Forget The Butter Board Trend, This Couple Makes Their Daughters Period Boards” by Sarah Aswell

This is the commentary on the blog post from scary mommy. Maybe that is Sarah as well. And it is titled forget the butter board trend, this couple makes her daughter's period boards. So um, I think it's really creative. And it very proudly supports the industry messaging of suffering and comfort. It's so sad when mothers, I know that I know that these parents mean well. But to sit, you know, it is true that the children do come home, in a bit of a mood or in a disorder that because they are out of control with their suffering, and they're out of control, because we're not treating the suffering as something that can be that has a solution, we're treating it as a the same way we talked about menstrual leave, where oh, it's menstrual leave, we're treating it as an exceptional event, even though it happens every month. If something happens over and over again, why are you surprised? They said, Oh, we don't know how they're going to come home? Well, if they come home in any form of suffering, that should be a wake up call. And instead of well, we're going to help them out and support them by helping them suffer and comfort. How about looking for a solution. This is the degree of learned helplessness that we are living with like this is a great example. It hasn't even occurred to them that they could find a solution. They don't know that there is one. So they're doing the best they can for their daughters. This is a really, really kind gesture. And it's tragic that the attention that could have gone into making this board could go in, I'm sure it takes more than 10 minutes. You can spend 10 minutes a day with my online course or with somebody else, reading a book, learning about how to live in a way where you don't need to be to have comfort for your suffering because you don't have to suffer. I will definitely tag everybody in the article on my commentary, because, again, I stress that this is not this is this is doing the best we can with what we have without knowing that there is a way beyond this. There's a way through this. There's a solution, and we don't have to suffer. So I give the article A B plus. Because I think the effort is really strong here. But as I said, I have to be harsh because we don't have to suffer and and their daughters may not. Their wounds may not degenerate to the point of compelling diagnoses like endometriosis effects like fibroids effects like PMDD affects like PCOS. But when we're in pain and we're needing something as comfort during our queen and priestess phase are luteal and menstrual phase. That is a wake up call to solve and heal our womb so that it doesn't degenerate to the point of these diagnosed complications that then become complications for fertility. This isn't funny. It's a fact of life that if we don't treat it, it's going to get worse. So let's treat it. But I do think it's a really cute idea. It would be great if it was like we're doing this because we're also doing this program where we shift out of menstrual suffering and into thriving. And while we're doing the shift, we're noticing that we need less and less Aleve we need we need a heating pad less. We are not as lethargic for as long and so on. Like that would be great if this was part of the phase if this was being phased out as they face into a life of menstrual alignment. So I'll stop there for today. Wishing you joy, ease space and Grace

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