Today I read and comment on the HealthShots Article: “It’s not just in your mind! Period fatigue is real and here’s why it happens” by Arushi Bidhuri

And now I'm going to get the commentary on the article, I'm happy to say that all of the craziness with the ads, ad attacking has stopped. Like I can just scroll through the article with no problems. I'm going to start from the end. So this is it. I am like almost on the verge of tears with how, because I feel so powerless. I feel I feel very angry. Why? Because the last line, Dr. DeLisle further points out that sometimes all these factors play a role and lead to fatigue during periods. If you're experiencing these are the line, this is the line. If you're experiencing fatigue, because of your periods connect with the doctor to avoid complications. I don't know why.
An article points to
all these reasons that are
that ultimately traced back to holistic reasons. And then says to go to a doctor, what is the doctor going to do? OBGYN ins will, of course, give you a laparoscopic examination for endometriosis, they'll look for disorders. And they'll give you birth control because birth control is gonna regulate your period. And it's going to regulate the pain if you experience pain,
they can't treat fatigue.
The fifth reason why we experienced fatigue during our periods they listed as lack of sleep,
I would counter that with it's not just a matter of lack of sleep, it's a matter of lack of holistic rest. There are four parts of the holistic being the intuitive, the physical, the emotional, and the mental. When we're in menstrual alignment, each part gets rest, and they don't all rest at the same time. That's why menstrual alignment,
fixes all of you at once. Instead of I have pain, here's for the pain, I have to take years for the team, I have emotional problems, here's for the emotions. And this is why
going to a doctor, obviously these these people who read this article, they don't hate minster readers, but the solution that they're offering are
are going to if the minister was to follow this advice, the administrator may very likely end up worse off than before, because because the the medical treatment so the article keeps saying go to the doctor go to the doctor if this is happening go to the doctor. But the medical solutions are birth control, which doesn't treat the womb itself. So the womb continues to degenerate and, and
and disorders. As a result of the degeneration occur, more worse disorders. Or they're going to remove the five rights and keep removing them remove the intermediate, the endometrium, and keep removing it until it becomes too
until the balloon degenerate so much that they're like this is just too much to do. Instead of removing them piece by piece, let's just take out your uterus.
doctors are like mechanics for the body, you say this is the problem, they treat the problem. But a great mechanic is going to treat, they're going to want to preserve the car, they're not going to want to replace parts, they're going to want to nurture the parts of the car, because something in its wholeness has a better chance of sustainability. If we take this part out, put this part and remove this route, then we end up with an experiment. But
us in our wholeness like we didn't come to this planet with with broken parts.
The way that we live doesn't allow those parts to get the nurturing they need. And so we change the way that we live. All of these reasons, unhealthy diet, anemia, heavy bleeding, low estrogen levels, they're all a result of not living in minstrel alignment. Because when you live in menstrual alignment,
you are not experiencing low estrogen levels, your estrogen, you realize that your estrogen levels are exactly where they're supposed to be, because of what's happening in your body. If they were high, or if they were maintained, it would affect and hinder other processes. It's sort of like food is really delicious and awesome. When I'm hungry. If I'm not hungry, I don't want to eat food. But we complain and say oh I have low estrogen levels. That's a problem denying the fact that we're about to experience menstrual shutting and the body does not need that the body needs you to calm way way down. So that it can clean itself out so that it can replenish and restore itself. It is counting on you doing nothing. So instead of you seeing this as fatigue, what if you saw it as

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