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Good morning. Today is the day of mindfulness today's your day to embrace grace as you sit in your bed let your eyes take in your wall walls the light or lack of the sounds around you the rain is falling here Can you hear the rain through the recording can you hear the birds chirping? What are the sounds of your environment as you take in each sound can you embrace

Unknown Speaker 1:24
the sound

Unknown Speaker 1:27
with things if you hear a horn beep if you hear the trash collectors doing their work if you hear the dog's bark or the cat's meow the motor is running the wind bristling through the leaves the tree for her perhaps your partner is snoring beside you. Perhaps you hear the giggles of your children taking all of what's happening around you and bless it where we lay our gaze. So, that is blessed except your power as a feminine energy biased you are magnetized

Unknown Speaker 3:02
just as a turtle his born with its shell

Unknown Speaker 3:08
you are already receiving all the time. The question is allowing allowance The question is choice. Where do you place your game? The gaze of the IRS the gaze of the eyes, the gaze of the smile the gaze of the tongue tasty if your windows open, can you taste the sweet air the gaze of feeling do you feel warm? Do you feel cold? Choosing? I like that? I don't like that and the choice is not in the words. We we are beings we What are you being Did you know that? If you choose to be in your wholeness, you are being of greatest service to the world. Call in all of yourself. Let it land.

Unknown Speaker 5:17
Zooming in, to your root chakra, through your crown chakra, and as it makes its way through each chakra. It's infused with the lilac of the crown. It's infused with the royal blue, of the sixth chakra.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
It's infused with the sky blue, of the fifth chakra. It's infused with the Kelly Green, of the fourth chakra. It's infused with the gold of the third chakra. It's infused with orange, of the second chakra. It comes to stillness, in the burgundy, of the Root Chakra. And there it settles and brilliantly emanates in every direction from your body. It can only emanate, if it first gets to root. We can all be what we are. As within, so without. So as you prepare to rest your feet on the earth to come in to your new day. Can you let your feminine energy biased being self be what it is? Can you remember that you are a goddess or a god? walking amongst other goddesses and gods and Queen among queens and kings, a king among kings and queens.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
Can you give yourself that grace so that you might offer it to others? How do you find how do you remember mindfulness as you let your mind to create this new day

Unknown Speaker 8:35
you commit to mindfulness and the universe will orient itself to help you remember in the way that it thinks you will best here there's the co-creation start their immense gratitude.

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Sustainable Guilt-Free Thriving does not happen over night. The variety of programs and Life Coaching that happens with Christine Marie at Sparrow Holistic seek to address all four spokes of the wheel. Holistic = Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual considerations. Christine Marie's personal journey to Guilt-Free Thriving required the embrace of the co-creative conversation with life that happens in an infinite number of ways. How do we know what our way is? How can we create a foundation of trust with ourselves and our world to be willing to take the risk to put in to action the steps we feel compelled to take. Living the purpose-driven life. Actively committing to co-create intentions --> manifestations is not for the faint of heart, which is why the 1% continues to remain 1% and male-dominated. Christine Marie wishes to shift the paradigm through incremental change. She received the support she needed to help others who will, by their example of guilt-free thriving help others, and the collective grows!

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