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I so dearly want to smile while I talk to you about this topic. And yet, it's all I can do to keep the tears at bay. Today I'm going to share with you a message that I hope empowers you, emboldened you, gives you hope. So if you are someone who lets the shoulds or, or agrees when you don't actually agree, or is working so hard to be everything to everyone else. And in service to that you're denying your truth. And you happen to be a feminine energy biased being you should watch this video. And as always, before we get started to support me, please like and subscribe. If you are a feminine energy biased being and you're interested in getting into alignment, so that you can powerfully co create intentions that because they were created in alignment will rapidly manifest so that you can be on this beautiful path of guilt free thriving. Subscribe, tell your friends comment. Thank you. So the title of this video is stop all caps, trying to suppress your truth. And I say trying because it takes a lot of effort. And what's really beautiful about truth about higher self, about inner self, about grace, about the reason why we're on this planet, which is to serve our purpose. The fact is that you'll always have to try to suppress you can never be successful, you just might get really, really good at suppression. But the thing about life and the thing that's really helpful about the human body, and this holistic existence that we are enjoying is that you can stuff here physically, but it's going to come out in mental it's going to come out in spiritual, it's going to come out in emotional. And what that looks like for most feminine energy bias beings, because most of us are women, but not all feminine energy bias beings are women. I want to stress that. Because we are that. And we have this thing called menstruation. When we are suppressing, it comes out in PMS. It comes out in cramps, it comes out in sickness, it comes out in mental snaps where we don't know we are suddenly very, very forgetful. Or we're suddenly very emotional, like the smallest trigger just threw us for a loop and we're like, that's not me. That's not where I That's not how I exist in this world. I can't believe I said it or did those things. I don't know what happened. What happened is that you're suppressing your truth. And this is a very personal topic for me. While I'm so glad that I'm now speaking because getting ready to speak about this topic was making me very emotional, but letting it out is making me very excited and empowered and really happy. So I wish I could rerecord those intros. But then I know that I would have to prepare to speak again. And I don't want to prepare to speak again, I just want to tell you to stop trying to suppress your truth. And, and that's a wonderful example. So I had all of these emotions brimming that were just on the surface I, I had tears that were right here, going up to my root chakra. And it's because I was I had a message to tell and I was suppressing it, I was suppressing the truth. And it was about to come out because anything that you push down just comes out somewhere else. So that's the first reason that we need to stop trying to suppress our truth, because we're actually not going to be successful, it will come out in some other ways. So the more you suppress the more control you you abdicate, no

lose, the more control you lose in your life, period. And how that looks in my life. Why I'm an expert at telling you about this is because I lived a life where I was trying to suppress my truth. I was in this relationship, a very not so great relationship, but a lot of learning. And it was one where I wanted so desperately for it to be the solution. I was 38 years old. And I didn't want to be 39 and single Oh dear God, I didn't want to be 39 and single. So I gave this relationship all that I had, because I really really, really didn't want to have another one. And I really wanted this to like be the end because I was like come on. I've been I've been in this world of of self realization of yoga, of meditation, of love of sobriety of mindfulness, I believe In this life, like dedicated to finding out how to be empowered how to thrive, and yet, nothing was happening for me, I was like my life the energy was completely stagnant. And it was going in the other direction. I was so far into suppression that I had dug the hole, put myself in it made sure to you know, lock the hatch above me make sure that the that I locked the lock to the hatch and then make sure that I throw away the key so that I can't find it and just, you know, learn how to thrive in this darkness is essentially like what I set myself up to do. Because I wanted so desperately to have the things that everybody told me I was supposed to want to have. And I need to stress not my friends and family that were telling me this No, no, no society I decided to make not the people who loved me dearly, but society's norms of of you want to be you want to marry young, I was already 1338. I'm like, way past marrying young. So Oh, my gosh, and I knew that, oh, those two numbers four, zero, what am I going to do? Like, I'm going to then, you know, I just knew it was going to be doom. I didn't know what was on the other side, but I just knew it was going I was going to be doomed. And you know, the rest of the story like I, I left the relationship, I was single at 39. It wasn't that bad at all. In fact, the quality of man was pretty awesome that approached anyways, I want to stay out of my love life, because that's not what this channel is about. It's not called Christine's love life. It's called Sparrow holistic. And it's devoted to guilt free thriving. And the way to get to guilt free thriving is through alignment. And the way to get to alignment is to do these various tools that I offer. And I think that there are so many tools to offer that I have, like so many videos about this. Well, not so many yet. But they're coming they're coming down the pike. So yeah, I'm qualified because I was in a horrible relationship, or really, really bad relationship full of a lot of learning opportunities. And one of the biggest ones was that I suppressed my truth. And the reason I suppress my truth was because I was terrified, and very, very certain that I was unworthy of thriving, I was unworthy of true joy, and that I needed to just keep compromising toe the line, so that I could have all the things that everybody else said were the things that you want. marriage, family career stability, I wanted that so desperately. Because I had been, you know, a misfit, a renegade, I had, I had lived, I've lived many lives. People who know my story. Always go, how. And it's called, I did, I lived in truth, I tried my best to live my truth. But that last year, September 2020, to October 2021, that was a year of the suppression of my truth. And it hurts so much. It hurts so bad. And that's why this video means so much to me. Because I know the other side of it. It looked like brutally painful cramps. It looked like PMS where I wanted to go away every month when I had my PMS because I was so afraid of what I was going to do. It looks like isolation from my friends and family. Because I just I wanted to not be a failure again. So that's what it was for me. I got sick a lot. I was in a lot of pain. And all of the reasons for those pains could be justified medically and yet when I stopped suppressing my truth, ie when I said and I don't want to even I hesitate to say said when I lived because I'm a feminine energy biased being so speaking my truth doesn't

look like it actually looks like Yes. It looks like where I rest. My gaze is what I'm blessing. It looks like what I choose to acknowledge what I choose to receive. That's my truth. The boundaries that I set what I allow in my world, that's my truth. I don't have to say it, I am it. And in turn, I attract as a feminine energy buys being this is what this is our thing. I attract those who adore cherish are so excited to exchange in such brilliant beautiful ways. That's Okay. So that's the promise of why I don't try to suppress my truth. Now, let's dig a little more deeply into this. Yeah. So digging into truth, we've already started this conversation, you're in it, you're in it right now, if you're this far into the video, I want to invite you, actually, you know, I love I love experiments, there's a really good thought experiment that I talk about. I like that term that Einstein gives thought experiments. I think it's so fun. Anyways, um, I'd like to invite you, in the comments, I'd like to invite you to tell a truth, it can be teeny tiny, like, I love pickles, I do I love pickles. It can be teeny tiny, or it could be really huge. But I invite you to go to the comments and tell your truth. Because it's, you're gonna, you're gonna, it's the beginning of a feeling and you're going to feel something and, and that feeling is going to be really blissful. And the next thing that you do in like, five minutes, or 10 minutes or a day after this video, you're gonna get the opportunity to not tell the truth, or to tell the truth, to not agree with what someone says, like, you know, and you're like, actually, I don't know, like, that opportunity is gonna come up. And because of how good it felt, when you wrote that comment, you're gonna, you might tell the truth again. And then you're gonna, you're gonna feel it again. And then you're gonna have all these little snowballs, that as they start to roll down the mountain and get more and more momentum, they're gonna become an avalanche. And suddenly, boom, your life is gonna be reflecting your truth. So I want to stress to you, you know, looking at this on a more deep on a deeper level, that we already know how manifestation works, we know that we're manifesting all the time. One of my the other video I'm launching this week is about manifestation. And it digs deep on that. So watch that video for more about that. But one of the big themes of manifestation is that it's not something we can cut off. It is what we are looking at at all times. This is a manifestation. But I didn't do it. It's a co created manifestation. Because it's me talking to the universe. And the universe is like, what's up? What do you want? What do you want? Tell me? And I tell them, and I don't tell them universe? I want this. No, no, no, I don't think that works. I tried it. I tried it. But actually telling the truth was the game changer. It's that idea of integrity of word. If I tell the universe, I am smart. The universe is going to give me ways to show that because they're gonna say you are smart. Okay? You are smart. Great. What is two plus two? What is two times two? What is two squared? What is two to the negative one, what is two, they're just going to give me because I say that's what I want you to know. That's what I am. They're gonna give me more of what I am. And the converse also exists. And so then we have this dissonance, where we say I am this, I want to manifest this, I want I want, I want to manifest this. My, this is what I really want, this is the thing. And then we have opportunities to be that thing that we want to be to tell the truth, because remember, we're feminine energy bias beings. So truth is what we are. It's what we do. It's what we believe, where our gaze falls, that is blessed. where attention goes energy flows. So when we're dishonest, we take the intention that we co create it and we go like this. And it goes.

And it separates into a million little pieces. Because what's the energy? What's the universe supposed to do with words that are conflicting phrases that are conflicting? I don't trust someone who lies. And yet we lie, especially for feminine energy bias beings, we've been raised for obligation for must for should for Be a good girl. And good is not a qualified word. It depends on who that person is that said it. And so suddenly, we're beholden to everybody else's definition of good because we're trying to be that thing because we got a pat on the back or a pat on the head or treats or gifts, some kind of praise that made us feel like a million bucks when we were like three years old, and we're looking for that validation and so we buy into what good is and we try to figure out what good is so that we can have just that that validation. And so then we end up being great moms, great teachers, great bosses, and we don't exist. We just are the definitions of everybody else's idea of what good and great are. Who are you? Are you enjoying your life? And a lot of people will say, I'm totally I love my life. I mean, I could I would do it on a day to day. But I really do love it. Ah, you're apologizing to me? You're apologizing to yourself? It's okay, if the answer to do you love your life is no. That's a starting point. Oh my gosh, you just said the truth law bless you. I do these because because I'm talking to me. And talking to me a year ago who didn't have me to tell her, you got us start being the truth. I'm really not cool with with saying the truth. The title of the video is stop trying to suppress your truth. Stop trying to suppress who you are. There's a this thing that we do. Einstein he says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. We do that we we we say I want help. I really want help. I really want help. Oh, is that? Is that your answer? That's your help? No, I want help. I really want help. I really want help. What's your answer? No. To do to do that? I can't do that anything but that I really need help I really need help. The answer is just start telling the truth being in Integrity with your word. But not telling being and trusting that it's just all going to fall into place because the universe, you can't think of something that can't that doesn't exist. Sci Fi fantasies, they're still based on what is it eight basic stories of humanity. The Odyssey, the Ramayana, the Nibelung, the lead myths, different cultures, same story. You can't not get what you want. If you're in integrity, with your truth, if you're not, you will never get what you want. And it starts with you with you. Darkness going into darkness sitting there for even two minutes. And asking yourself who am I? What do I want? What do I believe I am worthy of having? And be honest with the answers that come up. Because that's the starting point. You might be ashamed of your answers. So start improving your life. But it doesn't have to go like this. I'm going to improve my life. It goes like this. One breath at a time. Mindfulness being present. Ah, this is what is Ha don't like, Okay, I'll change it. I'm going to change this one thing. I'm going to drink more water. I'm going to breathe. I'm going to spend time with myself and have a date with myself. Instead of going out going out going out going out. Where's he where's he? Where's he where's he

I'm going to give myself 3% of every penny I earn. And I'm going to put it in a jar. I'm going to put it in a separate bank account. I'm going to look at that number every day. And I'm gonna watch it grow. And if there's not enough in there, I'm going to say hey, I want more money in my bank account. My bank account is ready for more money. And if you're living in integrity, with your word, Integrity with your truth, that is thoughts, feelings, beliefs. Actions. Oh boy, your bank accounts gonna be just fine. So that's it. Stop all caps, trying to suppress your truth. Stop trying to push the beach ball under the water because it doesn't matter how strong you are. Eventually it's going to explode wood out of the water. And that's so cool. In a water in a pool, it's not so cool when it's exploding in one of the eight spokes of your wheel of life. A great way to begin is to begin in grace. I have a guide, you can download it, it's in the description. It's a link to how to begin. Very useful, especially if you want to start getting in integrity with truth. You may not even know how ask start your relationship with the universe, restart your relationship with the universe reset, it can start right now. It's so powerful beginnings harness that Yeah, yeah. It makes me like want to like show you the PDF and everything. But no, you go and you go look at that yourself. But I'm stopping. I'm stopping here. You guys have given me a lot of minutes of time today, and I appreciate it. I'm just this is a serious one. And they're all serious. It's our lives, you know. But I really, really, really hope that you will take the time. Give yourself the gift, the grace, the kindness, the faith, to be in truth. Thank you. Thank you. I love you so much. Thank you

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