Let’s Talk Business! How we position ourselves in the market matters, and we devote a lot of time and money to finding the best way to leverage our offerings against market needs. We are willing to do that for our business, so why aren’t we menstruators doing it for ourselves.

Today we talk Harvard Business School vs. Stanford GSB.

Agile vs. Menstrual Alignment.

Having a valuable offer means absolutely nothing if we don’t know it exists…and menstruators: if you’re not in menstrual alignment, there is a strong chance that you don’t even know what your offer and you’re definitely not flexing your unfair advantage to the market…let’s get into it!

Hello, everybody, today I'm going to speak Business Business Talk. And just a disclaimer, my business knowledge comes from
researching and creating pitch decks and business plans for my two prior businesses and now for this third business. And so my
knowledge is limited to the startup world.
Which is helpful, because I don't need that much knowledge to make my point.
My point is
this question that is on every accelerator application, every
investment intro
process, and that question is, what is your unfair advantage to the market?
this question is so valuable, because they're looking at,
they're wondering, how do they leverage your offer, against what already exists against need, market need,
everything is about positioning, how something is positioned. And
what I found is that this mindset, this idea, this, this,
jubilation, the celebration of disruption, what I learned is that that is quite new. It's it's only been around for about 20 years, maybe 25. And it became popular first at Stanford GSB. And to my knowledge, and my knowledge is highly anecdotal.
To my knowledge, Stanford GSB, has continued to maintain this, this importance, this this, this eminence, as thought leaders in the business world. And I'm gonna compare them to Harvard because Harvard is the admittedly the gold standard of like, all things, academic, all things learning. I wonder if Harvard even challenges
Stanford and Cambridge. Oxbridge. I wonder if Harvard challenges them.
I think they I think it dots
and yet
forbid business students, they want to Stanford has the lower admittance rate.
Stanford is less likely to give you
to give you a scholarship,
because they know how powerful their name is, and they know that you'll make your money back, you'll be more hireable coming from Stanford. Now, this is all subjective, and it's not the point is not meant to be a jerk about business school, I, I didn't go to business school, like I have no skin in this game. The point though, is to reflect
how meaningful it is
be the impactful difference. When you're the impactful difference.
When you're exercising your unfair advantage on the marketplace in Danford, GSPs example, they were the first ones to, to,
to speak, to disruption, to veer away from corporate from building a business
in in the corporate model, and to going straight to startup disruption,
investment scale.
And they it was a whole other way to think about things and they were the first people to do that. They were the they were innovating there.
And so eventually, you know, Harvard got on board, because it because it made such a difference.
But it took time
and it took
people doing things differently and like making so much money. Money, really made a difference.
and we as administrators, we have that opportunity. We have this unfair advantage.
And we have this question of, of how to leverage that unfair advantage. And the way we do that is positioning, how we position ourselves in the marketplace, what direction we're coming from, because we might have an excellent product. Ah, the story of the breeze, I remember the story of the breeze.
People had this, this chemical, I think it was born in New Jersey, this chemical that could
neutralize smells neutralize odors, but they could not figure out how to position it.
They knew it was helpful, but they didn't know
how to make it useful, how to make it attractive to audiences, to to customers. And eventually they found the way. But they brought in a lot of people to find that way. And then, you know, I don't remember the whole story. But obviously, I can save a breeze and you know what it is, so it worked.
But positioning matters so much because the breeze could have entered the market. And it could have taken an even longer to matter, because we would have had to wait for somebody else to figure out what an awesome product, the people who made Febreeze had. But people who made threes were like, no, no, we want we want to figure it out. Like we don't want to bring it to market until we know why it matters and to whom it matters most. And so here we have this, I'm gonna and I'm prefacing that, I'm speaking in business talk, because I think that we like money. And I think this is really interesting if we if we use the pretext of money to this discussion.
So we have this unfair advantage.
And I'm pointing down and pointing at our womb, this blueprint that we have.
And it's, it's, it's unfair, because we, when we use it
in the right way, it works for us, really, really powerfully.
And what I mean by that is that we develop consistency.
Because we're consistent,
we can lean into our strengths in a particularly nuanced way, in a way that is serving
our strengths. So we develop them, right, if I, if I was to say I want to make my, my, my hands stronger, if I do exercises, like handstand push ups, and I do like an entire yoga class with my fingers tinted.
If I do these different things, I can develop the muscles in my hand.
So if I live, according to this blueprint that I was born with, it's in the center of my body. So it's kind of like begging, it's kind of like, hey, like, I can help you a lot. That's why I'm in the middle of your body. If I live
in a way that encourages
my strengths to show up,
I develop the strains and I get stronger. And as I get stronger,
I am more innovative, and I can contribute more powerfully.
And the coolest part is that what our womb asks of us minster waiters, is it asks that we live life in a different way that we actually
our pattern as it is now.
Not just for the sake of disruption. Let's go back to GSB the conversation around how to build a business and and startup culture. It didn't matter because it was different. It mattered because of the coin it generated because of the speed. It accommodated for growth
when we
it's because we're leaning into and developing
a different way of doing things
that accommodates
effective, and impactful
effective and impactful adjustments, that makes something that is great,
even greater.
And then we look at positioning. So we know,
we know that that is all contained within us.
I'm living proof, oh my god, it's so amazing to live
with immunity to burnout. As a small business owner, you gotta kick it into high gear for the first few years.
And burnout is a real fear. And yet, if I'm leaning into my phases, if I'm leaning into the blueprint that I was given here, and I'm doing the right things at the right time,
and I'm listening
and exchanging with it.
I don't have I can't accommodate burnout, like I can't accommodate it. Because there are different opportunities for recovery, and restoration that are happening in each phase two different aspects of
the holistic being and of
the physical being.
And even though what I'm saying sounds maybe a little complicated,
it's sort of like test prep, which I is one of my previous businesses.
The key to test prep, the key to beating the SATs and the AC T is to follow directions.
But what most of us can't do
is be willing to follow directions, we want to do what we think we should do.
And we want to prove our intelligence, and we want to prove our worth by overcompensating and what happens is on the test, we ended up in Fantasyland, we end up reading a question and not reading it, and answering what we didn't read. And then getting it wrong. We leave the test confident we go, Oh, my God, I kicked butt. I kicked so much. But like I had such a good test. And then we get a really low score. And we're like, why I felt so great. Yeah, you felt great because you were responding to what you made up. Because under pressure, you went into shock
and did what you could to comfort yourself. So you made what was on the page familiar. And this test isn't allowed to be complicated. SAPA AC T, it's not, it can't be complicated, because it's got to test multiple grade levels. At the same time, seventh graders take this exam and get perfect scores. seniors in high school, take this exam and get very low scores, they have to test a variety of levels of students of ages have grade levels.
So what they do is challenge you to follow directions.
Maybe that's why I happened upon this awesome solution for administrators. It happens that it gets rid of pain and PMS. But for many administrators who are used to pain and PMS and who have been told by their doctors, that the only way that it's not true, the only way to get rid of it is to take birth control which leads to more degeneration which leads to more problems and eventually hysterectomy.
For them the answer, hey, you can get rid of your period PMS, it doesn't mean anything.
But what if I told you that you also get to make more money. You also get to not you get immunity from burnout.
You get to contribute and innovate in an impactful way.
You get to live with consistency.
Live with a reliable, reliable womb
a reliable cycle
it requires
that you follow directions,
not the directions that society gives us. But the directions that your womb is offering.
When we don't follow the directions, we get a low score,
low score in this case burnout,
sickness, pain, fertility issues,
compounded complications, like
more extreme disorders, PCOS, fibroids,
endometriosis, PMDD.
you could follow directions,
you could disrupt your system
to impact in a profound way
that manifests in coin.
You could be the revolutionary force
to menstruate or health.
So that
can qualify min straighter health as something
that has where only extreme cases are dealt with, instead of
pain, and PMS, and other disorders being normal.
We want those to be called extreme, because they're not normal.
And they can become extreme
when the majority of us are not suffering from them,
because we use the solution.
And the solution is to just follow directions to just listen to your will.
And I think I've seen this yesterday, I think that maybe I cannot believe we've been talking for 17 minutes. Oh my gosh, if you're this far, then I love you so much. And thank you.
I think I said yesterday, that conversation, I think that we humans are allergic to mutually beneficial outcomes.
This is one of those things.
So if you can't hear me, I'm the point that you don't have to experience pain. You don't have to suffer in comfort. You can just live in comfort, you can thrive in comfort. You don't have to suffer and comfort when you're in your shedding phase.
If that's not enough, then maybe
having more money and energy and impact in your life is enough.
We'll never know as long as you continue to position yourself at a disadvantage and to not
leverage your unfair advantage
in the marketplace.
Thank you for listening, and I apologize that it went on so long.
I wish you joy is space and grace.

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