image showing the four menstrual phases: priestess, soldier, peacemaker, queen

The Period Course is a 10-minute daily process dedicated to arming ourselves with the knowledge and actions to get to pain-free, PMS-free periods.

"I can only speak in high praise to this amazingly comprehensive course. I'm practicing the exercises and focusing on exactly what you mention (in each module) and I'm already seeing instant changes. For example, I used to feel under pressure to immediately perform and deliver at work, and wasn't putting myself first and now, I have limits and I can say, "hey, don't do this"...without going out of my way to also say, "I'm so sorry".  I really am loving being a woman, and in particular loving my period, even though I hated my period. But now I'm realizing the connection that we have with our bodies and with ourselves. And it's a very, very beautiful experience.

-Ashley T., Munich, Germany