The Pre-Start Package includes three sessions (1x/week) and concludes with The Workup™.

Sometimes, especially in times of indecision, or with shifts in partnership status, family status, employment status we seek change. Or, at times when we realize that we want to find that “more”, that wanderlust, we crave action. In these moments, we need to taking a deep dive and getting perspective of who we are and getting hints orienting us toward our potential.

The Workup™ is that opportunity. 

Ayurvedic Dosha Designation, Chakral Awareness through Yoga, Archetypal Family/Sacred Contract identification, and Habit Hacking, take place over the course of the 1-Week Workup Process. This process includes an e-book/printable booklet of Actionable Suggestions and Resources at the end of the 1-Week Period. 

Are there hobbies or types of work that come so easily to you that you shrug them off as unworthy vocations because you assume everyone can do those things just as well and easily?

Have you heard Eckhart Tolle’s story of the Beggars Box? The trick of the box the beggar sits on while begging for money? The box on which the beggar sits holds gold…but the beggar never cared to look. The Workup™ opens your beggar’s box.


Ayurvedic Dosha Designation

There are three types of Ayurvedic Doshas: Vatta, Pitta, and Kaffa. When we find out what combination of dosha we are, through an analysis of mostly physical considerations, we learn what we need to do to be more effective in our lives.

For instance:

-Not all of us should do Spin Class/Peloton even though it feels so good (Vattas!)

-and some of us actually should go for a run (Kaffas!)

-or a swim (Pittas!).

Most of us are a combination of two doshas and therefore need a layered comprehension of the interventions we can make in our lives that can actually nourish. We consider nutrition, self-care, mental organization, habit, and type of physical fitness. 

Chakral Awareness through Yoga

One by-product of a Hatha Yoga practice is its ability to detoxify the body physically and emotionally. Through one or more yoga classes, we explore your points of irritation to find their governing Chakras. Through Chakral Awareness we drill down and explore what needs to happen to “oil those Chakra wheels” for smooth movement. The body is always speaking, and it is up to us to be willing to listen to what it communicates. Here’s how!

Archetypal Chart/Sacred Contract

Here, we focus on identifying your Chart of Origin and interpreting your Sacred Contract in the basic level of the three Wheels of Life. Chronos refers to time–who we are in the understanding of time (past, present, future). Working with the 90 more well-known Archetypes developed over the last several hundred years we identify your 12 Archetypes. It is surprising who operates within you to create what you want/don’t want in your life! The Archetypes we chose, to populate our team in service to our life’s purpose, all have Light and Shadow. For this reason, illuminating our Sacred Contracts includes helping Archetypes who may show up as enemies while operating in Shadow. With this process we help these “enemies” to become allies by bringing them in to Light (enLightenment).

Habit Hacking

Sparrow’s foundation lies in Standardized Test Prep. One outstanding discovery that made uniting every student with their high-score easier was the debilitating or encouraging power of Habit. Habit Hacking helped students who wanted hit the breakthrough moment with their tests. This moment describes when they could suddenly see how helpfully tests can guide the Test-Taker to right answers. We found that when we made tiny changes to Test-Takers’ daily habits, they could easily experience the desired mental shift. Self Development requires being able to open our mind to receive new information; it is essential. Habit Hacking helps us open our minds to the solutions and interventions The Workup™ offers us. Habit Hacking gives us access to fixes that create the changes that we thought were accessible for everyone but us. 

Menstrual Cycle Alignment

Menstrual Cycle Alignment does not only apply to women who are currently menstruating. The four phases of our menses have an holistic effect. These phases are the Reflective, Dynamic, Expressive, and Creative Phase. The names (coined by Miranda Gray) describe how we feel as a result of the biological processes taking place. Processes like the increase or decrease of testosterone, of estrogen, affect our moods, our level of fatigue, and our intro/extroversion. Menstrual cycle alignment is essential to our power and well-being in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Sometimes clients to use the info from this Pre-Start Package to take on a separate journey with Sparrow Holistic targeted only toward alignment.