Holistic Shift: Mindset * Physical Biological * Emotional * Spiritual/Intuitive

The 3-Month Container Includes:

-The Workup (the final week of month 1)

-Four 1:1 Sessions/Month (total of 12 sessions)

-15 Blue-Light Calls for on-demand Coaching (bookending, event-related needs)

The framework of integration gives a sense of safety and security in the knowledge that for the next 3 months you are not alone as you shift. Change, stepping in to the unknown, and letting go of the past is not easy. We employ gentleness, self-care, lovingkindness, and vigilance as you step in to the life you were born to live: a life of guilt-free thriving. 

Sparrow Holistic founder, Christine Marie, learned the hard way that attempting to effect change alone is possible, but there is a price to pay. Most of us have already paid dearly for trying to make a life work where we are everything for everyone (except ourselves). Give up! In exchange for overworking, worry, weight-gain, and sleepless nights, we will trade you an empowering season of progress through lovingkindness. Your life, your children’s lives, your partner’s life, and your friend relationships will change–and all for the better when you choose you first. 

It is a fundamental law that “all men are created equal”, but somehow along the way, some of us forgot. Let’s re-remember together.