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Hello, hello Sparrow holistic newsletter subscribers. Today's topic is going to be received by voice through the ears. And that is because I'm just so excited to let this come through and be heard it it just I want you to hear my smile, I want you to hear my joy, as I discussed this topic of this compelling relationship between sensuality sexual freedom, owning your kink, owning your, your wants sexually, and menstrual alignment. I have a former client who did the work on worthiness on menstrual alignment, and the two go together. And something that came up towards the end of our container of our three month container was that the life in the bedroom was exciting, was renewed, was stimulated. And it didn't come from a book about releasing your sensual self acknowledging it and that kind of thing. It didn't come from direction from me, or some sort of coaching idea or the holistic, of course, we work holistically. So we would sex would be a totally relevant topic to bring to the experience of menstrual alignment in order to expand your life and get to its purpose and have all of the happy, joyous and free experiences and assurance is the security living in this living in this freedom because of your foundation in your menstrual alignment in self in being able to hear and enact the directions that your heart is offering you your Higher Self, your inner self, the universe, what it's compelling you to do. It came from setting boundaries. And when she set boundaries and took the risk of awareness, noticing something that she wanted to change boundaries, setting the boundary, and then took the risk of faith in the world around her faith in her husband that he would acknowledge the boundaries, they had nothing to do with sex, by the way. Then she started to feel this certainty in this column confidence in herself. And she felt this freedom and an opportunity availed itself and in contrast to looking at the calendar and saying hi, I wonder, let me see how many how many days is it been since our last time? Should we do it? Like let's see, should we just get get this done? It was, oh my gosh, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do this right now. We're doing it and this is awesome. And it just put into motion this this experience of, of sex not being a burden, even in a multi decade, marriage. It wasn't something to get done. It wasn't something to prove to yourself that you still had intimacy and attraction with your partner. It was an experience for itself. And what something that's very important to me and there is definitely more on this in the in the library in the vault is taking actions without ulterior motive. When we take actions without ulterior motives, and we do them for what they are for the experience of the action. We get huge, much, much greater benefit from the experience itself. And it sort of compels the next thing that we're going to do it compels the next action And,

and so the reason i i started to look at sex and menstrual alignment is that I realize how important confidence is in the bedroom. And being able to voice what you really want, and be able to say it. And again, there's that faith taking that risk with yourself and your partner to say, this is something kind of kinky, but I like it. And I didn't know, but I do. And that's also why self pleasuring and getting to know ourselves sexually is also incredibly valuable. But I definitely did not get into this conversation. Sex for me was highly outwardly focused. And I had to use stories to enjoy sex. But when I got into alignment with myself, suddenly I was enough. And then I see it with my clients. And I realized that yes, we can go do stripper class, and learn how to do that. It is great, it's cardiovascular, it's strength training. There's a lot that's happening in stripper class while we are freeing our sexual spirit. But we could also just keep it really simple. And get into wholeness with ourselves and get into that conversation when it's time. Our phases, Soldier and Peacemaker are pretty active peacemaker is when we're ovulating. So absolutely, we are using sex for that first portion of Peacemaker phase. And in Queen phase, when we are in the castle, it is also a time where you might find your sexual engines roaring. Can you imagine how much more the word is enhanced, like how much more enhanced your sexual experiences might be, when you have no fear of mood swings, or you have no fear of, of running out of energy, or having having awareness and the willingness to speak up about what you want. That is when freeing our sensual selves as a result of the confidence and the worthiness that we endow in ourselves through the process of minstrel alignment through the process of allowing the world to let us be our whole selves by living our boundaries by being our boundaries, giving ourselves space to show up to this beautiful world and show up as our precious selves. In this beautiful world. When we do that, it does resonate in all spokes of the wheel of life. There are eight of them, and one of them is romantic relationships. As within, so without as you spend the time with yourself, getting to know yourself sexually. When you feel empowered to go there, do not just do it to do it and say, you know, it's a catch 22 Acting our ways into right thinking what if we could feel our way into thinking, not act our ways and take on the habits that we do use that we use habit hacking in the worthiness activation, but it's a very subtle process and it is a slow process.

But instead of just imposing on ourselves behaviors that will ignite our sexual energy but might shake us up, which when we shake up our container, there's also shock that's going to happen and we have to give ourselves room to react to the shock think of being a car accident and the whiplash where you have to allow your body to go back and forth, back and forth until it comes to balance again From the momentum of the of the hit, well, that is how I feel about imposing strong actions like trying on different sexual freeing exercises. Um, I think that is a bit I love fierce gentleness, but I don't know that that's necessarily gentle. And so instead, what I offer is a graduation is a gradual process of finding comfort with yourself and finding your menstrual alignment. Which then leads to when you're no longer thinking about your pain, the burden, thinking about not having enough time to do anything thinking about not having enough money to do anything when you're past that, because you're in minstrel alignment, and you value your time. So you advocate for it, you negotiate better, a better, better compensation packages for yourself, which gives you time and money. When you're no longer thinking about that stuff, you have room to dig in. Because nature abhors a vacuum. So the time that you're spending thinking about things that problems, old problems that you've now solved, they your mind is going to wander to other things, when it makes its way to sexuality. You're going to get there and it's going to feel better. Because you'll be there you'll arrive there and your wholeness not in what can I do to fix our life in the bedroom? What can I do to change that to dot? Instead the question becomes what do I like? What do I enjoy, and then the confidence comes because the thrill of it is so lovely. The confidence comes to then share it to the without, with your partner or for those of us who have multiple partners with your partners. And so I hope that this topic is inspiring and thrilling. Thank you guys for listening. I wish you joy, ease space and grace. And lastly, I want to always invite you to share this newsletter with your friends and family. Because you may not need menstrual alignment help to get rid of volatile PMS to get rid of acute pain during priestess phase. But I needed help. I wish somebody could have sent something like this to me could have sent me the possibility that my life can change and that I don't have to live with the burden of period of period pain. And instead I can embrace and enjoy the Wonder. The wonder of my womb! Thank you guys.

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Sustainable Guilt-Free Thriving does not happen over night. The variety of programs and Life Coaching that happens with Christine Marie at Sparrow Holistic seek to address all four spokes of the wheel. Holistic = Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual considerations. Christine Marie's personal journey to Guilt-Free Thriving required the embrace of the co-creative conversation with life that happens in an infinite number of ways. How do we know what our way is? How can we create a foundation of trust with ourselves and our world to be willing to take the risk to put in to action the steps we feel compelled to take. Living the purpose-driven life. Actively committing to co-create intentions --> manifestations is not for the faint of heart, which is why the 1% continues to remain 1% and male-dominated. Christine Marie wishes to shift the paradigm through incremental change. She received the support she needed to help others who will, by their example of guilt-free thriving help others, and the collective grows!

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