book cover of Aligning the Ally: A couple's guide to Menstrual Alignment, shows two hands reaching toward each other or moving away foreach other, drawn, black ink on a raspberry colored background, lists the title, the subtile, the author, and the Sparrow Holistic logo, a bird


…because “we don't have do this thing alone…”—Anonymous

  This quote is adopted from key literature commonly found in Recovery Rooms, and it makes total sense to adapt it to this process. Recovery does not work, for everyone, in isolation, so why should we assume that, for everyone, expect Menstrual Alignment to be any different?

   Hi, I’m Christine Marie Quigless: Holistic Habit Hacker and Coach dedicated to Menstrual Alignment because it’s so awesome! How awesome? Let’s just say that personally waving “sayonara” to monthly cramps, backaches, migraines, mood swings, nausea, and insomnia, and witnessing my clients do the same, is my kind of awesome! Plus, with this shift into Personal Agency, because our bodies were no longer threatening our joy, we learned to take care of and listen to ourselves, which looks like setting boundaries to allow that which we want in to our lives and to block that which we do not want. 

  The book you’re about to read, Aligning Your Ally: A Couple’s Guide to Menstrual Alignment, responds to one of my clients’ biggest gripes: they want to share their transformational process with their partner, but fear that they might be disempowered or judged in a negative way for choosing to offload the once burdensome period in this “wacky, woo woo, holistic” way. I figured, what if we brought our partners in to our process? Whether or not our partner is a fellow menstruator, bringing transparency to our process of growth and sharing the wins is a beautiful way to grow and change together. 

  …and I’m pretty sure that even though you, menstruator, think you're doing a great job of covering up your discomfort and your dis-ease at different phases of your menstruation, your partner can probably speak to the opposite. So let's do this thing together!

  Together, you can discover and learn about the four menstrual phases. I use an embodied nomenclature that adapts the archetypes to menstrual alignment and the four phases to make it really fun and easy to connect with "all" of you over these (average) 28-day cycles. Over the course of this process, you can find out how you can best holistically (mentally, spiritually/intuitively, physically/biologically, and emotionally) support each other during each phase.

   Knowing when to ask for help and encouraging each other to do that, based on where we are in the cycle, will offer a big shift for everyone involved in this very special, 90-day process. Yes, I have to mention that it takes 90 days for an intervention to physically manifest in the body, therefore, expect to see and experience the end to emotionally volatile PMS and painful periods three months from now at the latest. Can you imagine the joy of understanding why you or your partner are suddenly so sensitive or hungry or needing time alone? Can you imagine not having to feel bad when you assert that your or your partner’s energy is quite spiky and you think you/they might be in Queen phase? 

  Life is just going to get a little bit easier from now on. And for those of us who have children for whom menstruation is likely to show up in their future or is existing for them now, this is an opportunity to model what Personal Agency looks like and how to serve your menstruation so that you can have an excellent cycle for the rest of your life. The rest of your life!…all the way to menopause and then...guess what?: my research has found that former menstruators who worked in alignment with their bodies—with the four menstrual phases—during the years of active menstruation—are very likely to enjoy an easeful peri-menopausal shift and easeful menopause.  

  So, as the King declares in Alice in Wonderland, “`Begin at the beginning,' the King said gravely, `and go on till you come to the end: then stop. ‘“. This process is the beginning. You will get to the end of it armed with an holistic understanding of Menstrual Alignment. And then you will stop because from there, your life of pain-free, drama-minimized freedom begins. 

“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”—Goethe

image showing the four menstrual phases: priestess, soldier, peacemaker, queen

The Period Course is a 10-minute daily process dedicated to arming ourselves with the knowledge and actions to get to pain-free, PMS-free periods.