Your VIP Day: 6 Hours

An end to the uncontrollably painful emotions and chaos that come with PMS.

An end to painful and way-too-long, way-too-heavy menstruations. 

An end to the helplessness and powerlessness that we feel at the doctor's office when they give us the diagnosis and say, "there is no cure, but they can hijack our cycle with birth control on the off chance it may work to somewhat mitigate the pain. There are side effects, but it's only option". 

A beginning of: More satisfaction. More time.  More Money. Living My Purpose. Loving my Body, my Self, my Life.

During your VIP Day, Christine Marie partners with you to midwife the transformation out of Menstrual Suffering due to imbalance. The 6-Hour Experience with Christine-Marie engages direct communication with your spiritual guidance to reorient your life through the application of the Fierce Gentleness™ framework. CM enlists* yoga, archetypes, habit, chakral awareness, menstrual alignment, ayurveda, and pure-life coaching to tackle:

  • Work-Alignment/Career Next Steps,
  • holistically balancing the 8 Spokes of your Wheel of Life
  • Re-Orienting Life according to Menstrual Alignment.

Solution comes from within, but you don't have to do it alone. 

*This day also includes access to the Sparrow Holistic's No More Cramps, No More PMS course.



As a lifelong tutor who has always taken an holistic approach to helping others co-create their victories, I bring my 2+ decades of experience in creating personal breakthroughs to co-create a highly effective and impactful experience with you. 

start where you are...

"As within, so without...".

Change starts from within and instead of fixing the outside world to get what we want, we look at who needs to show up within you to manifest the life you want. We will take a look at:

  • how you live (habit), 
  • how your body nourishes itself in terms of fitness and nutrition (Ayurveda),
  • your life's path and helpers (archetypes), 
  • the major holistic changes that need to happen NOW (chakral awareness)
  • and how to schedule your life and tasks to encourage and sustain the changes you wish to experience (menstrual alignment).

 There is a way to creating a life with more time, more money, ebullient with purpose. We partner with you on your VIP Day to find that way--it's easier than you think. 

Step 1: Clarity Call

This 30-Minute Power Session delves deeply in to exactly what, why, and how you can get your needs met. This super-charged conversation with Christine-Marie gets you ready for your VIP Day and establishes intermediary actions to take for both you and Christine-Marie to be ready for the magic to happen. 

About Christine-Marie

Christine-Marie has been working in the 1:1 context for over two decades and has used that time to fine tune the most powerful tool when it comes to personal development: Listening. As an ICF Professional, honoring the Client as the Expert in their life and integrating this truth has opened up a world of curiosity and inquiry for Christine-Marie's practice: Sparrow Holistic. 

In fact, it was curiosity, testing, and experimentation on herself and her early clients that brought CM to finding a breakthrough from excruciating menses and highly-volatile PMS to pain-free and PMS-free cycles--and this happened despite her Endometriosis Diagnosis.  Putting all of her concentration on you to co-create your reorientation to menstrual alignment for pain-free thriving, Christine Marie will ensure that you leave the day ready for all the wins life has been eager to give you for so long. 

Emboldened. Empowered. Respected. Wealthy. Healthy. Graceful. Wonderful. Amazing. Able to receive information from sources including the world, their bodies, and each other. These are the results that exist for VIP Day Participants. Join Christine-Marie, Join Us.